So far I fail.

Earlier I bought a to-go coffee, I drank it out of a plastic cup and a plastic straw and I threw it away when I was finished. I used about 4 paper towels today drying my hands after washing them in the bathroom. I finished a bottle of wine a few nights ago and still the bottle sits on the table next to the garbage in the ever growing "I'll recycle this later" pile and there it will sit until an annoyed roommate pitches it in the dumpster. Is this wrong? Yes. Is it hard to be sustainable as a "busy student" of course...but I say this as I sip on diet 7-up (an impulse I'm bloated and want this buy) lounging with a fan pointed at me on my couch. I am going into the third week of school so really my life isn't incredibly busy and I should be figuring out NOW how to live sustainably before I get bogged down with tests, homework, memorization, and work.  So this weekend I did step one, or at least what I thought was step one aka, shopping at Trader Joe's.

What does shopping at TJs mean? It means making your boyfriend drive you to a Trader Joe's emit carbon from his exhaust and ask you , "why are we shopping here?" Hmmm why did I have it in my head TJs was somehow "better" it actually "better" or do they just have cheap wine, and the corn tortillas I enjoy?  So I Googled. I Googled and I came up with the answer I should have probably walked to my local market, "Morse Market" and supported the local economy because honestly DRIVING to buy $3 wine is not environmentally friendly; and the amount of organic or local buying I did at TJs was probably not all that much since you really have to look at the labels there, you can't just assume it is organic or local...which seems obvious: look at what you're buying, but TJs has been so excellently marketed I was totally on the bandwagon tooting my "I'm better than you" horn.

I don't know what is "better" though and who determines if shopping at the local market down the street is "better" than shopping organically at a TJs a few El stops away? So far I have deduced that shopping at farmer's markets is always good, and shopping at grocery stores is confusing, and pretty much across the board shopping sustainably is expensive!

There is a reason poor people buy McDonalds.

There is a reason I don't.

Gluten free (not by choice), vegetarian(hells yeah I am by choice!), trying to be environmentally conscious(choice, or guilt reasons?). Alright I can do this, I think I need some solid plans, some distinct and achievable goals, and also the realistic attitude that I will probably fail some days but that doesn't mean not trying.

Goal One: figure out a food strategy.

Alright I'm gonna look some stuff up, also it is almost time for my yoga class ( I know, gluten free vegetarian yoga doer: eye roll) But whatever I like downward facing dog.

- Motivated Me

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