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Oh hey there,

So I mean I guess I should introduce myself? I am Catherine, and if you didn't already read my "about section" well then poo poo on you I don't feel bad if you are lost on what I am all about...but then again you can gleam the gist from the whole title of the blog so I guess good for you not wasting your time on formalities like "about" sections.

Oh dear, I'm rambling... I guess I'm nervous.

So this summer I interned on an organic farm for a month and I blogged about that experience, which as my mother put it, was a "great experience, but not so great while being experienced" which is a back handed way of just saying it was challenging but something I needed to do. If you are interested in checking any of those posts out here's a link: . Summary it went like this: me: pulling weeds, hauling compost, picking shit, and killing beetles with my bare hands. I was a bad ass, I know; then I came back to my city apartment and school started and life hit and suddenly I was too busy to recycle, or find a cloth to wipe up my mess vs. a paper towel. Convenience was my main priority and I took a step back, breathed, and slowed down a bit to re think my goals. Explicitly I had written down some goals for my senior year, and one of them was to be more environmentally conscious and make a move toward sustainability as well as not go crazy, keep up my grades, find a new job, and not break bank.  So first off I found a new job, one as a hostess at a local Roger's park restaurant (what up Heartland Cafe!?) they are revamping their menu to include more locally grown veggies, also they compost and recycle vs the death corporate frozen yogurt chain I worked at which wasted more than my heart can handle, so that ruled. Next up on the goals- I am not too crazy...yet, its the third week of school and so far I haven't failed anything, and now here I am trying to become more environmentally aware and documenting my trials and tribulations.

So yeah, I guess that's it. That is what I am doing and why I am here. Hopefully you haven't stopped reading. I will try not to bore you with stories nor will I be too preachy, although I do saddle up my high horse on occasion (I've been a vegetarian for a solid 7 years aka before I hit my 20s and it became trendy; how can I not feel a little superior at times) BUT I'll try to keep it in the stalls most days.

Stay tuned!

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