Tired of Surviving

I’ve survived many things, knee surgery, bunion surgery, a couple broken foots and bullying on playgrounds. I guess I took a break from this blog because I have been loaded up on things to survive from that I got tired surviving if that makes sense? Blogs do seem very personal but well here it goes anyway. I survived an amazing wedding to an amazing man. Yep I was a bridezilla, it’s a disease that can’t be stopped. I still have a few do overs for parts of the wedding, like my dress, the flowers etc. I actually walked down the aisle with appendicitis. We all had an idea there was something wrong with me losing weight, nausea and no appetite. I thought it was nerves, nope. So, a few weeks after the wedding appendix came out, we sold our places, moved yep in winter, then another abdominal surgery.

Thank goodness my husband is a nurse but he is probably being thinking did you marry me for my scrubs?

I survived, now it’s typical long dramatic Chicago winter in March.  Everyone is sick, all the surgeries I endured have caused endless pain so now I am dealing with pain management.  Let me clarify I am in my 50’s not 80’s. lol So we are looking at spring even though the official day of spring is now that doesn’t mean a thing. I decided to add to my blog today because I finally started writing for the first time in a while. I am writing my memoir, you see I am brain aneurysm survivor and will be celebrating my 14th anniversary.  There have been so many bumps during those 14 years, I have had cancer scares recently, I have had to come to realization that the parents who cared for me while I was recovering from my brain aneurysm it’s now my turn to take care of  them.  I guess surviving 14 years these days is lucky with anything given the school shootings. Surviving life in 2018 is challenging. My book has helped me get a better perspective on what you go through growing up, in school and careers and relationships will help you with possibly the largest challenge you may face in your life. Be grateful for life's little challenges. For example the grumpy ice skating coach who told me to stand up straight with my nose over my toes to fix my posture while ice skating,  really helped me walk 30 years later as I was recovering from my brain aneurysm. Everything happens for a reason. #nose over toes#

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