“Pushing the Panic Button”

panic button

Surviving a near death illness can often cause anxiety or even worse panic attacks. Recognizing what triggers your anxiety is key to understanding them. Not knowing why you feel anxious can turn into a panic attack. According to medical professionals on the PBS “This Emotional Life” web site, “Panic attacks can be one of the most terrifying experiences, especially when you have no idea what is going on. Thousands of people go to the ER every year thinking they are having a heart attack when actually it is a panic attack. It is important if you do have the symptoms that you get checked out by a doctor because there can be such overlap between the symptoms of heart problems and those of panic.”

It is suggested to handle panic attacks:

Learn deep breathing exercises

Relaxation exercises

Avoid coffee

Understand what bring on the panic attack.

In various medical support groups panic attacks can be brought on by a noise, smell or a location that brings up bad memories. Often medical professionals prescribe medication to assist you from calming down after the panic attack. It’s okay to address the panic attacks and they shouldn’t be dismissed. Medical professionals have found that a combination of medication, reduction in caffeine, increased sleep and breathing exercise can address the problem. So there is no need to “push the panic button”.

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