Campana Back Where He Belongs

Call me the North Side Nostradamus. Call me the Oracle of Lake Shore Drive. Well, hardly. But let me dwell for a minute or two on my correct prediction that Cubs outfielder Tony Campana would be back in the lineup by the end of April (Check out my twitter account @survive_conquer for proof!). After a... Read more »

Metal Hero Finishes Up Treatment for Lymphoma

As I sifted through boxes and crates at this weekends Chirp Record Fair in the West Loop, my thoughts were with Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath. Iommi was diagnosed with lymphoma in January, just as news broke of the original lineup reuniting for a studio album. As a guitarist, he helped usher in a new... Read more »

Preventative Care Can Be Practical

I had first picked up the book, “Anticancer: A New Way of Life,” shortly after being diagnosed for the second time in 2010. A family friend had recommended the 258-page nutritional guide. Ever the skeptic, I expected to read about far-fetched, impractical dietary suggestions like having to eat the seeds of a fruit that grows... Read more »

Still Time to Run the Chicago Marathon For a Cause

It’s official. I am taking the ultimate plunge into the 21st century: blogging. This is my first blog with ChicagoNow and, well, my first ever. I’m looking forward to sharing my experiences battling cancer and offering some insight into living life as a survivor. Running has played a huge part in my recovery. So, I... Read more »