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It's Paczki time: Buy 'em or learn how to make 'em!

More treats from Delightful Pastries.
  Making the Paczki dough. Sure, you could go out and buy Paczki, the bismarck-like Polish goodies. But now you can learn how to make them at Delightful Pastries bakery. You’ll learn how to to make angel’s wings–the crispy fried dough treats, too. The class, which takes place Sunday March 6, 2 p.m.- 4:30 p.m., is taught by Dobra Bielinski, pastry... Read more »

Free Grooms Cake at TipsyCake bakery!

A stunning wedding cake from TipsyCake.
Grooms’ Cake from Tipsycake. If you’re a bride or groom-to-be, Chicago’s TipsyCake bakery has a fantastic deal for you! And if you know someone who is getting hitched, it’s a deal you definitely want to pass along.  TipsyCake is giving away a free Grooms Cake with any wedding cake order placed before March 31, 2011. That’s a $300 value!... Read more »

Photo gallery of gorgeous wedding cakes

Cupcakes and cake from Sweet Whimsy Bakery.
    If you’re getting married or even if you’re not, you’ll want to feast your eyes on these wedding cakes, literally edible works of art. The cakes were all made by Chicago-area bakeries: Roeser’s, Deerfields, Angel Food, Sweety Pies, TipsyCake, Oak Mill, Lezza and Sweet Whimsy. Just click onto the underlined bakery below for each bakery’s website.... Read more »

Mousse and custard class at Delightful Pastries Bakery

    Most bakeries protect their recipes like CIA operatives hide international secrets. Delightful Pastries, on the other hand, has been sharing some of their luscious recipes in a series of intriguing baking classes. In the next class, you can learn how to make luscious mousses and custards as well as a variety of impressive desserts which can made them. Delightful Pastries5927 W.... Read more »

Five things you must know before going to a bakery

  A while ago, an item in the “I love…I hate” column in the Chicago Tribune’s Play section caught my eye. A woman “hated” that she drove 45 minutes to a bakery just to find out it was closed. If that woman had read this post, she might have avoided the trip. Here are some important things to know about... Read more »

Cupcake wars heat up in Chicago

  Post by guest blogger, Emily Zuker The country is in a cupcake craze, and Chicago is definitely part of it. Some people do not understand the obsession with cupcakes and are probably wondering what’s so exciting about them? Well, I pose a counter question: what’s not to love? Cupcakes are portable, inexpensive and can... Read more »

St. Joseph's Day Treats at Palermo Bakery

Array of butter cookies and Silician cookies.
    Palermo on Harlem Avenue, an authentic Sicilian bakery, is one of my favorite places for sweets. There are many delicious reasons to go there, but right now I suggest you take home the luscious Saint Joseph Day treats: Zeppole and Sfinci. Think comfort food, Italian-style. Zeppole, seen above, is a French donut-like pastry that’s split in half and filled with... Read more »

Fabulous bread pudding from Ambrosia's brioche!

Ambrosia's Brioche Buns
  Almond Brioche and Cherry Bread Pudding Don’t want your day-old bread and rolls to go to waste? Especially, the really great stuff you snagged at a first-rate bakery? PR consultant, Michelle Damico, whose passion happens to be cooking, made this fabulous-looking bread pudding from day-old Almond Brioche she brought home from a lovely Barrington bakery-cafe called Ambrosia. Ambrosia, by the way, offers exquisite pastries which... Read more »

The bread is the reason to go to Argo Georgian Bakery

  Argo Georgian Bakery is nothing to look at. It’s a sparsh, tiny storefront with a couple of tables–although the unique brick oven in back is interesting to see.  I was dying to go there to taste their Hachapuris. These flaky puff pastries are filled with a combo of mozzarella, feta and farmer’s cheese. I heard they’re wonderful hot... Read more »

Angel Food: a heavenly bakery

More Angel Food Goodies.
Mud Pie from Angel Food Bakery. My good friend Bonnie has been raving about Angel Food Bakery for awhile now so in the name of research I had to check it out. This Ravenswood sweet spot is cute and cheery–with an array of vintage Easy Bake toys lining the walls of this unpretentious corner shop. Many of the... Read more »