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Mousse and custard class at Delightful Pastries Bakery

    Most bakeries protect their recipes like CIA operatives hide international secrets. Delightful Pastries, on the other hand, has been sharing some of their luscious recipes in a series of intriguing baking classes. In the next class, you can learn how to make luscious mousses and custards as well as a variety of impressive desserts which can made them. Delightful Pastries5927 W.... Read more »

Make your own Valentine's Day truffles at Delightful Pastries

    Looking to give your sweetheart something a little more personal for Valentine’s Day than store-bought candy? If you’re the Martha Stewart-type–or even if you’re not, you may want to head over to Delightful Pastries on Wells to learn how to make your own chocolate bon bons, chocolate nut and fruit clusters, and truffles. Plus,... Read more »