The hip vegetable you must serve on your holiday table

The hip vegetable you must serve on your holiday table

It may surprise you (it did me!), but the hip vegetable to serve this season is Brussels sprouts.

Sure, green beans are a classic this season, especially around Thanksgiving when green bean casserole reigns supreme.

But this year, everywhere I look people are talking Brussels sprouts, Brussel sprouts, Brussels sprouts.

I first spotted this trend in October in  “Good Eating,” Chicago Tribune’s cooking section, which featured a Brussels sprouts recipe from Mollie Katzen’s new cookbook “The Heart of the Plate.”

(If anyone is thinking about buying me a gift this season, I've seen that cookbook. I want it. Just saying.)

But the Trib article was just the beginning. In November, you couldn't turn the TV channel without seeing someone on some cooking show messing with Brussels sprouts.

There was  “Rachel Ray,” ‘The Chew" and “The Talk"  featuring what else? Brussels sprouts recipes, of course!

(Confession: I like to have these shows on in the background while I'm in the kitchen, which, I must admit, sometimes distracts me enough to  screws up what I'm cooking.)

Even my long-time friend and fellow blogger Bonnie McGrath, who pens "Mom, I think I'm Poignant!" right here on ChicagoNow, had Brussels sprouts at her Thanksgiving meal. Bonnie steamed them and then tossed them with olive oil and Balsamic vinegar.

Me? I tried Mollie Katzen’s recipe just a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. The recipe was a bit involved, requiring a bunch of pots and pans. In the end, I was not impressed. The Brussels sprouts dish tasted just okay.

But then I had an epiphany. Why not just take prominent veggies from Katzen's recipe and roast them in the oven? So I did.

That's how the recipe below, Garlicky Roasted Brussels Sprouts, was born. It's delicious. And so-oooooooooo much easier to make than the other recipe.

Note: I normally don't use salt in or on my food, but Brussels sprouts benefit from salt. Don't be shy with the shaker if you make this dish.

Serve it on Christmas or at your holiday gathering,  and you might convert a few previous Brussels sprout haters. Maybe.

Garlick-y Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Potatoes and Onions

two pounds Brussels sprouts, washed and cut in half
one and a half pounds smaller potatoes, cut into cubes
two large onions, chopped
four cloves of garlic, minced
four tablespoons olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Line a large baking sheet with foil. Grease foil with olive oil or spray foil with olive oil spray.

Spread out Brussels sprouts, potatoes, and onions, each vegetable in separate sections on foil.  Drizzle with olive oil. Use more if some veggies seem dry.

Bake for 20 minutes. Mix the minced garlic with onions. Bake another 20 minutes or until Brussels sprouts and potatoes begin to brown on the outside and are tender on the inside, and onions start to caramelize.  Flip veggies one or twice with a spatula while baking.

After roasting, toss vegetables together and place in casserole dish.  Serve hot or at room temperature .

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