Easy lunch: Middle Eastern Pizza

Easy lunch: Middle Eastern Pizza

This easy lunch idea was inspired from a recipe featured in a piece by Joe Gray in the Chicago Tribune’s Good Eating section.

The recipe in the Tribune,  Chickpea Pancake with Broccoli and Eggplant, was from a book called “Eat Your Vegetables” by Joe Yonan. And although the dish sounded great, there was no way I was going to go out and buy chickpea flour (I mean it only required a ½ cup of chickpea flour and what was I going to do with the rest? I hate when that happens.).

Instead I made a Middle Eastern Pizza by swapping the chickpea pancake for a whole wheat pita and baba ghanoush for hummus, both of which I bought at the store. I also added some Greek olives.

The result? A delicious, healthy, easy-breezy lunch entree. And it sure beat the usual  PB & J.

Middle Eastern Pizza

1 whole wheat pita (about 6” in diameter), cut in half with kitchen shears so that you end up with  two round circles.
½ cup hummus
2  florets broccoli, sliced small and cooked about one minute in microwave until tender–crisp
2 tablespoons crumbed feta
grated Parmesan cheese
handful of Greek olives, chopped (optional)

Preheat oven to 350.

With spoon, spread hummus over both pita halves. Place broccoli pieces over hummus. Sprinkle with feta.  Top with Parmesan cheese . Add olives if desired. Bake ten minutes or until cheese melts and edges of pita get a bit crispy.

Serves two.



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