MORSELS: Mary Sohn

MORSELS: Mary Sohn

Mary Sohn, cast member of Second City’s 100th Mainstage revue, “Who Do We Think We Are?,” says the current, improv-heavy show is “like a firecracker explosion of fun!” After a recent chat with the animated Sohn about an array of topics, including her morbidly obese cat Geo, one could easily describe Sohn the same way.

The bubbly 31-year-old, who hails from Champaign, Illinois, wasn’t always on the fast track to an acting career. Sohn started college studying nutrition at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

“Clearly, I would have been miserable,” she says, because she fell in love with theater.

Her longtime association with Second City includes performing in a Second City show on a cruise ship, doing a sting with the touring company, and starring in two Second City e.t.c. revues.

“Who Do You Think We Are?” is Sohn’s first Mainstage show and is playing through early January 2013. For tickets, log onto or call: 312-337-3992.

Q: Describe your relationship with food?
A: I have a little bit of an abusive relationship with food. I’m somebody who loves food too much. Some people eat for fuel, nourishment. For me, eating is something that satisfies a range of emotions from joy to loneliness.

Q: Do you cook?
A: I do. I make a stir-fry with quinoa. At Thanksgiving time, I make a pot-lucky thing—a hodgepodge of different things—Brussels sprouts, winter squash and sweet potatoes with  salt, pepper and an obscene amount of garlic. It’s so good! But I love garbage too—cheese fries, chips, chili fries, the grossest of foods.

Q: Are you a foodie?
A:  Foodie implies Alinea and different hip restaurants. I’m a working actor so I can’t throw tons of money going to really nice restaurants. I’m a grittier foodie. I’ll tell you to go this hole in the wall where the menu might smell, but the food is exceptional.

Q: As a person of Korean heritage, do you enjoy Korean food?
A: I love, love, love Korean food. But I have a bias toward my mom’s cooking.

Q: What’s your favorite restaurant?
My heart belongs to Tweet on Sheridan Road.  It’s a breakfast and lunch place. The setup is so quirky and strange. The ingredients are really fresh and mostly organic. They don’t have amazing recipes that blow you away, but they do the classics so well. Sadly, my favorite thing is the two egg breakfast with a choice of meat. Plus, their homemade biscuits are so good—big, crusty, flaky, delicious.

Q: What would you eat if it was your last meal on earth?
A: French fries. Nothing is greater than a giant plate of French fries—crispy but with a potato-y soft center with a Cajun dusting. And I love steak though I rarely eat it. One time, after a show, the producers took the cast out for dinner at Michael Jordan’s (Steak House). I ordered the porterhouse steak for two and ate the whole thing! The wait staff gave me a shiny purple paper crown. I finished the meal with a crown on my head and the respect of my peers!

Q: Favorite dessert?
A: I have a soft spot for Scooter’s frozen custard with Health Bar pieces. I’m also a huge fan of crème brulee. Who isn’t? I really like it at Café Iberico (called Crema Catalina on the menu).

Q: Beverage of choice?
A:  I’m obsessed with club soda. I love fizzy water. I have a SodaStream, a device that turns water into club soda. I feel like I’m saving so much money!

Q: Great food or great sex?
A: Food. Food is like a sexual experience to me.



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