The best Tres Leches cake is in...Glencoe?

The best Tres Leches cake is in...Glencoe?

Odd as it may seem, I just indulged in the best Tres Leches cake ever in a hamburger restaurant in Glencoe. But it wasn't just any burger place. It was Everest Burger, which features gourmet burgers--everything from hamburgers made with beef from grass-fed cows to wild salmon burgers to veggie burgers. The buns are made from scratch here, too.

But it's their luscious Tres Leches cake I'm still dreaming about.  Each slice is a sight made to be seen. In person.  And, of course, tasted.  This lovely skyscraper is six inches tall and big enough for 3-4 people.  Talk about comfort food.  The cake is extra moist--almost pudding-like. It's topped and filled in the middle with a thick layer of just-sweet-enough, real whipped cream, which has fresh berries mixed into it. Mmmmm.

If you go to Everest for the Tres Leches cake, you might want to call ahead and make sure they have it. It's made from scratch and tends to go fast.

Everest Burger
91-93 Green Bay Road
Glencoe (in the Hubbard Woods neighborhood)
Phone: 847-242-0909










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