Free pink podiums for breast cancer awareness groups

Free pink podiums for breast cancer awareness groups

This isn't my usual sort of post. But  National Breast Cancer Awareness is next month. Unfortunately, many of us know someone--a mother, a sister, a friend (or maybe even yourself) who's had or has the disease.  That's why I thought I'd use this space to tell you about AmpliVox and their Pink Podium Promise program.

AmpliVox, a portable sound system company in Northbrook is giving away special free pink podiums to groups promoting breast cancer awareness for events, meetings and presentations. So far, 120 podiums have been donated to groups around the country and beyond, including the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and our troops in Iraq.

The program was started by the company's CEO, Don Roth, a cancer survivor, in order to help groups literally speak out for the cause.

If you know of a group promoting breast cancer awareness which could use a pink podium, call Nancy Gerstein at: 847-401-0384.

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