A new restaurant to check out: Jam 'n Honey

A new restaurant to check out: Jam 'n Honey

When I opened an email from my friend Michelle Damico  describing  the food at her sister Jeanine's new north side restaurant Jam 'n Honey, my stomach started to grumble (Granted, it was 11 in the morning and I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, but still).

Jeanine and her husband Frank also own two other great eateries, both them Italian: Franconello's in Beverly and Franco's Ristorante in Bridgeport.

I used to work with the Damico sisters' mother Connie Damico  (and Jeanine, too for a short time). I can personally vouch that the Damico women really know their way around a kitchen. In fact, the first time I  ever tasted tiramisu, Jeanine had made it. It was luscious. And it's the tiramisu by which I judge all others.

But back to Jam 'n Honey. The eatery specializes in breakfast. As a brunch lover, I can't wait to try it. Yummy-sounding selections include Banana Nut French Toast topped with bananas, candied walnuts and orange-honey creme anglaise and traditional or Italian Eggs Benedict served on bacon and cheddar risotto cakes with tomato jam.

Jam 'n Honey is located at 958 W. Webster at the corner of Sheffield and Webster. If you get there before I do,  please tell Sugar Buzz Chicago all about it!


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