Which is healthier: frozen yogurt or ice cream?

Which is healthier: frozen yogurt or ice cream?

Yes, it's a burning question for these hot summer days. But I digress. The answer to which is healthier:  it depends. Not all frozen yogurts are created equal.

According to an article in Woman's Day magazine, the main difference between frozen yogurt and ice cream is that frozen yogurt has yogurt cultures, which can help keep up the good bacteria levels in your stomach and help prevent digestive problems.

But there's a catch:  not all yogurt cultures survive freezing. Red Mango and Pinkberry, which just opened it's first Chicago location, both contain live cultures, according to their company websites.

The bottom line is that if you want to know which is healthier--frozen yogurt or ice cream, you need to read labels and ask questions.  Many frozen yogurts have the same amount of calories and fat as light ice cream  so you may be better off choosing between frozen yogurt and ice cream based on your taste preference but check fat and calorie content too.

If you want yogurt cultures in your diet, I'd go with regular, nonfrozen yogurt with live, active cultures.

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  • what about "probiotics" that the frozen yogurt stores often advertise?? is that the same as a "live culture?"

  • In reply to bonmcgrath:

    I believe "probiotics" means the same thing as "live, active cultures" but don't quote me on that. However, in a recent story in the Tribune's business section, Dan Kim, founder of Red Mango, says that Red Mango products contain one of the few probiotics proven in clinical trials to benefit the immune and digestive systems.

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