Peas & carrots candy: adventures at the Sweets & Snack Expo

It was like coming home with a trick or treat bag full of gourmet candy loot after strolling around the Sweets & Snack Expo at McCormick Place last week with my friend Bonnie McGrath, columnist and blogger for the Chicago Journal.

Sugar. Salt. Sugar. Salt. Sugar. Salt. That's basically what our day was all about. I don't think Dr. Oz--or any doctor--for that matter,  would have approved. But I have to tell you, we had a fabulous time!

Highlights included:

Jelly Belly candies that looked like peas and carrots but tasted like orange and lime.

Dill pickle-flavored cashews.

Alpaca meat snacks.

A Chex Mix-like Chinese food-flavored snack.

Cookies 'N Cream popcorn.

Watermelon candy "fruit" slices made with real watermelon.

Chips which had the guacamole already in them.

Pork jerky that tasted like salami.

Lots of gourmet chocolate companies, including ones from Belgium, Columbia and Germany. Also hazelnut candies from Turkey and chocolate as well as other candies from Mexico which were made with goat's milk.

Chocolate-covered sunflower seeds.

Organic chocolates and candies as well as nut products were hot. And so were dark chocolate products. Maramor featured Dark Chocolate with Omega-3. Oddly, the ingredient list includes fish oil from anchovy and sardine and fish gelatin from Tilapia--although the chocolate didn't taste fishy. It was good.

Lollistraws: edible straw in apple, carmel and strawberry.

Excellent extra sharp cheddar cheese from Cabot. It's usually available at Trader Joes. Bonnie and I were also each given 32 oz. containers of their Greek-style yogurt.

Buddy Fruits. A squeezable package of blended fruit. It was sort of like apple sauce but had banana in it too. Thought it would be good when you go on a long bike ride.



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  • your write-up brings back great memories of last week! we sure had fun. and you captured the uniqueness and the craziness! all the snacks and sweets were great--in fact, i am still eating them. had my chocolate covered graham cracker this morning with coffee!!

  • hi

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