The weirdest wedding cake ever


No, it's not exactly the royal wedding cake. 

In fact, at first glance, it looks like the couple who ordered this cake are not headed for wedded bliss. I mean, take a look at the detail: the chain saw and all the blood and the severed heads and limbs.

Turns out, the real bride and groom are fans of zombie movies and wanted to express their love of these films on their wedding cake. They also have a sense of humor! 

The cake was made by Bleeding Heart Bakery, which really takes the cake when it comes to fabulous, creative cakes. The bakery also made the incredible tattoo cake and beach cake in the photo gallery. The other unusual cake, which features a bride and groom in front of a London phone booth, is from TipsyCake Bakery.



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  • You almost don't want to eat them. Incredible!

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