Bronzeville company offers cookies with luscious cake flavors




The late Lue Helen Green, Shatoia Starks' great-grandmother, was known for her fabulous cakes. Inspired by her great-grandmother's baking skills, Starks, a DePaul graduate as well as president and owner of Mama Green's Gourmet Goodies, took these classic, heirloom cake recipes and gave them a new twist: She turned them into cookie recipes. 

Now you can choose from scrumptious varieties, including: Carrot Spice, Red Velvet (with a cream cheese filling), Oatmeal-Peanut Butter-Raisin and German Chocolate.

One of the very cool things about the cookies is that they come in an adorable-looking package. It looks like a little dollhouse and is an actual replica of Lue Helen Green's former home in Milwaukee. That's her, the original "Mama Green" standing in the doorway, on the box . 

The cookies make a great gift and are available online or at Wholefoods in Lincoln Park, 1550 N. Kingsburg and 2305 N. Prospect in Milwaukee..

$7.99 for a 10-piece box.
For more information, call: 312-545-0951


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