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The Winning play list

Many of you know the story of singing William to sleep each time we are in pre-op.  With him it’s like a player before the big game, you have to have your warm up music to get you pumped for the game.  I usually try to encourage soothing songs that will lull my little lovey... Read more »

Thanks and Giving: Too blessed to be stressed

Thanks and Giving: Too blessed to be stressed
The saying I am too blessed to be stressed always seemed one of those foreign thought processes to me.  YES I am blessed.  I am blessed with a husband who loves me, children to fill my home with noise, a solid foundation to fall back on, a family who loves me.  Ahhh but there was... Read more »

Music-What's the soundtrack to your soul?

I often feel my life is one big soundtrack, a really twisted episode of gLee.  The crescendos of my story alerted by a change in tone or emotions all reflected in the song.  My iPod consistently has an identity crisis as it tries to decide the top 25 played. Today it will be entirely different... Read more »