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The Power of Faith: Katie VanderKooi's Journey with Juvenile Scoliosis

A Huge thank you to Katie for sharing her story!  We met Katie and her amazing parents in pre-op holding the day of Katie’s fusion/rod surgery.  It was also the day of William’s first casting.   Quiet conversations in the waiting area led to a unique friendship that has lasted nearly 3 years.  When we were leaving the hospital... Read more »

Karma: Lifes great teacher

Few things clear my head like a ride in the car.  No kids screaming in the background, just me, the open road & good music to get my mind turning.  I have often used the car and a drive to quench my thirst for calm.  It is my meditation, my calm.  Many a good argument... Read more »

The Firm...a.k.a Lucky Cast Club

The Firm...a.k.a Lucky Cast Club
I want to start this post by saying MASSIMO fought Infantile Scoliosis and set it STRAIGHT!  I love this kind of news!  0 in cast, 0 out of cast.  It was a long process with ups and downs but he is Super Massi and reached the path to a new journey.  He and his super... Read more »

Home away from home

      The countdown has begun once again for travels north to our home away from home.  This time tomorrow we will be somewhere near the half way point and we are actually looking forward to our return even though it will involve another round of casting for Iron Will.  It’s funny after two years of... Read more »

Is the cast still Lucky?

By name alone, The Lucky Cast Club, may be deceiving.  It may elude to the conclusion that all stories have happy endings with families moving on to a brace and then eventually families are free of everything.  The miracle cure.  I have been around the block a couple times and have friends who know for... Read more »

Occupy Indiana!...Ah,don't worry it's just Lucky Cast Club Mom's weekend.

Occupy Indiana a.k.a. Mom’s weekend for the Lucky Cast Club is officially one day away.  Mom’s from Indiana, Chicago and Wisconsin will be traveling south to New Harmony, IN for some bonding and relaxation.  This will be the first time for many of us to meet outside our second home, Shriner’s Hospital for Children-Chicago.  For many... Read more »

Mehta Casting Wins again!

I love good news days.  Anytime I can spread the joy of one family is a good day.  Two brave casters entered Chicago Shriner’s Hospital for Children for what would seem to be another day in the OR.  The Lucky Cast Club families rallyed around the troops and sent our messages of support and prayer. Like... Read more »


A HUGE Thank you to Chrissy Miller and Chicago based Little Windows with Love!  You captured the spirit and essence of our group.  What started with a dream has grown to a movement.  The names and faces of these children are forever in my heart and soul.  I am blessed to be a part of... Read more »

Music-What's the soundtrack to your soul?

I often feel my life is one big soundtrack, a really twisted episode of gLee.  The crescendos of my story alerted by a change in tone or emotions all reflected in the song.  My iPod consistently has an identity crisis as it tries to decide the top 25 played. Today it will be entirely different... Read more »

99%... I want to share the voice of the other 99%

99%... I want to share the voice of the other 99%
Suck it, Scoliosis has been in circulation a little over a month.  In that time we have reached 1600 viewers from around the US as well as many other countries.  Our platform: To raise awareness for Scoliosis and provide support/perspective to the thousands of families who live this condition on a daily basis.  I am... Read more »