All things that glitter and are gold; Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

With fall in the air my spirits start to soar.  I love the fall and all that comes with the mild weather.  Leaves crunching under my feet, campfires, jeans and sweatshirts, crisp, cool mornings warm my soul.  While September sparks my favorite season it also marks Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.  Two years ago I found myself hooked on Mary Tyler Mom and Donna's Cancer story, a 30 Day Chronicle of Donna's life.  It was a love story written by her mother and I  fell in love with that beautiful family from the start.  Last year Sheila opened her series to additional stories and we met sweet Aiden.  Heartbreaking and hopeful I allowed these families into my heart and they stay firmly planted there today.  This year we met,  to date, 29 new families.  Each day with routine, I get home from work and find the story.  I laugh and cry and immediately say I see you...insert child's name.  I offer a prayer for the family and a blessing for the child.

Our battles are so conversely different from these families.  We are not in danger of our kids leaving our world yet I can find myself relating to each story and each child.  Fear, anger, acceptance are all the same.  The need for your child's life to have relevance and meaning all the same.

When William was a small toddler he spent hours on the weekend at my nephews basketball tournaments.  One of the players parents would yell from the stands when they kids needed encouragement, I see you Blake, I see you Bo.  The kids could hear her voice out of no where and more often then not, their play would improve or their hustle increase.  She was simply letting them know they were not alone on the court.  They were important to her.  William soaked this up like a sponge.  He started yelling for his favorites during each game as well.  I see you Blake, I see you Jacob, I see you Jaylen.  The tiny voice couldn't be heard in the crowd but it was cheering for them.  When he would play B-ball in our driveway he would tell me, "Say I see you Little Wizzle",  the name the players gave him.

Each family and child give hope.  They are light, hope, heartbreak, and healing.  No one can hear me whispering my silent prayer or saying I see you, but I want them to know  their story resonated with me. My world is a better place because I know they lived and still live.

I see you Levi

I see you Silas

I see you Max

I see you Jared

I see you Paige

I see you Reese

I see you Tyler

I see you Nicholas

I see you Sam B

I see you Mia

I see you Gabe

I see you Isabelle

I see you Cal

I see you Owen

I see you Will

I see you Donna

I see you Aidan

I see you Leah

I see you Matthew

I see you Hope

I see you Lilli

I see you Abigail

I see you Piper

I see you Sam G.

I see you Sahara

I see you Eli

I see you Ryan

To view all the stories please visit Mary Tyler Mom's September Childhood Cancer Awareness Series.   Pediatric Cancer is so grossly underfunded and it is up to us to make a difference.  The simple act of sharing  will help raise awareness.  Prayers are offered for the countless families still living this nightmare  as well as they families who are living through their grief.  With each loss, survivors are created and tasked with living lives for those they have lost.  We see you!

Until Next time, Keep it CuRvY~

Catie  D.


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  • I see you Little Wizzie

  • Catie D. Thank you so very much. Hope sees you too!

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