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All things that glitter and are gold; Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

With fall in the air my spirits start to soar.  I love the fall and all that comes with the mild weather.  Leaves crunching under my feet, campfires, jeans and sweatshirts, crisp, cool mornings warm my soul.  While September sparks my favorite season it also marks Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.  Two years ago I found... Read more »

So your Infant was just diagnosed with Infantile Scoliosis...Now What?

Dear New Infantile Scoliosis Mommy & Daddy, Tonight as you read you are probable wondering, how the heck did you get here?  You gave birth to a miracle and have loved and nurtured them into who they are today. You may have noticed a head tilt or unbalanced sit.  You might have been oblivious, as... Read more »