Take a Bow

Take a Bow
Thank you Rachel Dobbs for Iron Will's picture!

I must preface this post.  In the past few months some of our dear friends have received devastating news.  I have been fighting survivors guilt of sorts; no matter how I feel or have felt, it in no way compares or diminishes their change of events.  We love you all and you know who you are.  You are my strength and determination.  Our journey has been enhanced because of you!

Today was Williams last encore in casting.  We are struggling in the what and how.  We have built the transition into some grand accomplishment.  I don't regret a second of the journey.  I think William some how knew last night was different.  Due to circumstance, we landed at our beautiful friends home for the evening.  The night was nothing short of magical.  William played with one of his soul sisters until way past a normal bedtime.  They shared a final tub and we snuggled in bed until exhaustion took over.  As he was babbling off to sleep he asked, "Mom what happens if I don't wake up from the doctor room?" I assured him he always wakes up from the doctor room.  He then asked , "But what happens if my time is up?" I continued to affirm he had a lot of time.  "Mom why do you think my friends and I have scoliosis?"  I responded with the standard you were born that way and look at the wonderful lifelong friends we made on the journey.  Williams final words, "That was a great plan!"

It was indeed a great plan.  My life has been forever changed by the years of experience and the friends we have collected along the way.  I believe William knew his time was indeed up.  Although I keep replaying, telling myself if I would have known this was the end I would have some how been more prepared, stronger in the moment, less shocked by the words.  His journey started with firsts for Chicago Shriners, he was the first baby at our hospital.  Many have followed after but William was the first.  He holds the casting record for length and number of casts at our hospital.  Strength to continue came from our friends at SLC who have blown our numbers out of the water.  I hope his journey gives strength and hope to others as we have drawn from our friends.  We have held hope for one more cast 17 times.  We stopped looking for the end long ago.  We became so comfortable in the present, I didn't dare glimpse beyond.  I think my subconscious knew he is a boy who has a different cape for everyday.  Iron Will couldn't have the standard story that has been written time and again.    He has to do it his own special way.

Iron Will's story is being re-written.  He has been given a new starting point 45 or so degrees lower than where we started.  We will emBrace his new journey and find renewed hope.  Diligence and Xray vision will be our new powers.  We are researching new terms before today we hadn't heard but honestly they can wait.  For a little while I want to live within the safety of cast #17 and bath in the known before diving head first into the unknown.  William has planned his cast off party for 2 years.  It has been the topic of many a midnight dream and a party is what he deserves.  We always assumed it would be marking the end of his journey.   Tonight I realized it will be a celebration instead of the road we have traveled and the paths we still have to take. We will celebrate our friends, the princes and princess', the real life super heroes!  As with every great story, William's for now will read to be continued....

Until Next time, Keep it CuRvY~

Catie(Scoliosis Sucks) D.

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