Embracing the Joy: Enjoy a cast free vacation this summer!

I was sitting in the midst of web design when my phone alerted a new text message.  A cast friend is contemplating summer vacation.  Her child will be out 17 days.  Panic of course is normal when you get the call with your date and realize your vacation, which for us is scheduled months in advance, is a week too early to allow the typical 7-10 days out.  We were in the same position last summer and felt the same panic.  You are suddenly faced with choices no parent wants to make.  Do you move your vacation?  Can you enjoy time out while carefully watching a spine for signs of movement?  How can you make a decision when you know the outcome will most likely offer a set-back?

I have been in this mom's shoes.  I know the guilt and torment you put yourself through.  The past two years we have been faced with the exact same dilemma.  I have learned many lessons on this journey.  The biggest; don't allow Infantile Scoliosis to rob you of the joy life has to offer.  Our first year at the beach I watched and feared what my eyes witnessed each day.  I wept at night when no one watching and allowed meaningless emotions to overshadow the splendor.  It wasn't until our 5th night it hit me how many days of wonder I had missed because of my personal clouds.  I learned a valuable lesson.

A year later, I never missed a sunrise.  I sat in the sand with my baby and soaked in his contagious energy.  I soaked up the joy.  I let it mend a years worth of worry and fill my reserve with energy to sustain the coming year.

As you face the summer, make decisions that feel right for your family.  Prepare yourself for regression.  We have found William has a window, usually the first 48 hours, where his spine finds it's comfort zone.  The movement in our situation is typically in the first few days.  We have found when his spine is flexible enough to move one direction, it is flexible enough to move back.  Live in the moments, life is far too short to wallow in doubt.

Until Next Time, Keep it CuRvY~

Catie (Scoliosis Sucks) D.

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  • You got to me at "I wept at night when no one watching and allowed meaningless emotions to overshadow the splendor." How many times did I try to avert my eyes from my son's back as his curvature grew from 20 degrees at 18 months old to over 100 degrees at age 9? Was it some kind of defense mechanism to avoid slipping deeper into depression? So much wasted energy on my part. You have a terrific attitude and many (including me) should follow your philosophy. However, a miracle has occurred in my son's and my family's life. Anthony Wainess, my son, became the first recipient of magnetic growing rods on May 7th. He grew 2 inches immediately. His back has never looked so straight. And he will not be facing surgeries every 6 months like standard growing rod patients. I pray that the FDA approves these magnetic rods also called the MAGEC rods for William soon. God bless.

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