Message to the Class of 2013

One of my many hats  is working at a local high school.  I was recently asked, along with the entire faculty and staff, to offer words of wisdom to the Class of 2013.  Each members words will be placed in a booklet and given to the students at the Senior Retreat prior to graduation.  This shouldn't be a difficult tasks.  I, on any given day, am full of opinions and freely offer advice when asked.  However, I seem to be at a complete loss for words with this task.  Let's be honest, most of these students could care less what Mrs. D has to say.  I simple can't make myself move forward without carefully choosing the correct string of words to relay my wishes, dreams and thoughts.

This is my first year at the school.  In the past 9 months I have been moved by the compassion many  have shown others, I have been rocked to my core with loss of precious lives, and shocked by others disregard for their fellow man.  Peer pressure is alive and well.  The social dynamics that existed 20 plus years ago when I was a student, still exist and in many cases play a larger roll in forming the personalities of our young adults.  So what is it I want to say to them?  What lesson or wisdom do I have that will enhance their future selves?

The best answer I can think is to answer the rhetorical question as if I was sharing the answer with my own flesh and blood.  For my nieces, nephews, and sons, my greatest wish is they find joy in their lives.  I do not care what they choose to be as long as they love who they are and what they do.  I have worked in industry where I made a great salary but was absolutely miserable.  I have temporarily sold my soul for the almighty dollar.  For some time I lived to work and did that until I was pulling my hair out and had become a screaming lunatic in my personal life.  It was about the time William was diagnosed with Infantile Scoliosis, I finally pulled my head out of my butt and took time for self reflection.  Things no longer had meaning.  Moments had meaning, people had meaning.  Friendships for the sake of having friends, lost value.  The people who are now in my life are there at my choosing.  They add value, they enrich me.  I have been moved in life by everyday miracles.  Languished in moments to some which might seem trivial but in simplicity have found magic.  I have friends who can make me laugh until my side hurts and have had weekends in their company where my cheeks ache from smiling. My family is my life and my life is my family.  There is nothing I could do that would ever make my Mom stop loving me and in turn there is nothing my children or nieces and nephews could do that would make me love them less.

In short, my message to the Class of 2013....Live with Joy, Love without reservation, Laugh as often as possible, be slow to judge and quick to forgive.  Place value on people and not on things.  Your "reputation" is temporary, your character timeless.

I Wish You Enough!

I wish you enough sun to keep you bright No matter how dark is your night
I wish you enough rain to fall you in love No need the passionate plea of above
I wish you enough joy to keep you alive No matter how toughly you survive
I wish you enough gain to satisfy your desire No need to ask to require
I wish you enough pain to make you awake No matter how painful is your ache
I wish you enough loss to remind you of your own No need to groan or moan
I wish you enough hellos to light your eye No matter how heavy is the final bye

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