The Plague...bring it on!

They say God never gives you more than you can handle.  I can say we are definitely a sturdy stock.  First came Infantile Scoliosis,  3.5 years later the flood that started the rebuilding, 31 days in a hotel to return home to a half finished house.  The skin problems started about 2 weeks after we were home.  We are 60 days more or less into the mystery of the skin infection.  Cue the pestilence.  Check, we have faced the plague as well.  My beautiful new house has been bleached, sprayed and washed more times in the past week then in the 8 years we lived here prior.  We have ran the washer/dryer 32 times since Saturday a week ago.

We took William out of his cast a week ago and have had a curse greater than our fear of his spine curving facing our lives.  We are trying fruitfully to clear his skin which has been bruised, broken and now burned.  We carefully check his spine and blissfully it is holding strong.  We are having to place total control in God's hands as medical science doesn't have a magic wand to fix this situation.  I am not ready to speak to the specifics of what our particular plague encompassed but I will say I will never be able to sleep peacefully in a hotel again.  Although the shame is not mine to carry, shame seems to seep into my every thought.  I failed in some all seeing, all knowing, mommy way to protect our children.  Each load of clean laundry, bleached surface, and vacuumed rug helps heal the internal wounds that formed in this mothers heart.

In the moments I wallowed in the despair of self pity, I reminded myself, I have my husband,  I have my kids, I have a home although there have been moments in the not so recent past I have thought it would be easier to walk away from the home.  I have a job and business that have supported our craziness, friends who have provided comic relief and a family who has carried us in the moments we couldn't walk.  I don't see any of this as a test, I see it as a random series of unfortunate events, and the strength given to us by a higher power to overcome.

When life gives you lemons, bleach it, send it down the disposal and make the kitchen smell like lemonade.

Until Next Time, Keep it CuRvY~

Catie(Suck It, Scoliosis) D.


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