Nothing like being late to the party...Happy Donna Day!

In our family we call our perpetual lateness, Diefenbaugh time.  Today I am running on Diefenbaugh time, once again late for the party.  I couldn't let the day go by without joining in the Chicago Now festivities and celebrating the joy that is Donna.  My introduction to ChicagoNow and the reason we have this beautiful blog on this site is because of a beautiful little girl and her mom.  September of 2011 we moved shops and set up our home base after I started reading Donna's Cancer Story.  If you haven't read it, start with Day one and read all 33 posts.  I found myself stalking her page, waiting for the next love letter to Donna.   Each day I prayed, cried, hugged my kids a little tighter.  I fell in love with their family, mourned their loss and felt a fire light in my soul.  I couldn't remove the pain of Donna's loss but I knew in my heart I could help in some small way.  At the end of Donna's story, I worked with my twisted sister to celebrate Donna's Remembery Day at my son's pre-school.  We carved pumpkins with hearts and shared Donna's story to class after class of pre-school students to kick off the schools Trike-A-Thon for pediatric cancer.

 Mrs. Johnson Shares with studentsTotten Hall Fundraising All Stars


Mary Tyler Mom, Dad and Son need our help!  They are hosting the second annual Donna's Good Things, St. Baldricks event on March 30 at the Candlelite in Chicago!   We want to help them raise some cool cash for some amazing kids!  Let's show the Mary Tyler Family and the St. Baldrick's Organization some crooked caring from the Lucky Cast Club!  Over the next 30 days if you have a little extra money in the grocery budget, visit the Donna's Good Things Official event page and make a donation!  Tell them the Lucky Cast Club sent you!  Your good thing, plus Donna's Good Things, will equal a very good thing!


Until Next Time, Keep it CuRvY~

Catie (Scoliosis and Pediatric Cancer Sucks) D.



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