HELP! We need advice and fast! Dig in your granny's attic and share your healing knowledge.

As a new mom, I would roll my eyes when others would tell me how to parent my child.  As a old mom, I keep praying someone will tell me what to do.  I need all the nosey Nellies and Nancy's to give me your two cents worth of wisdom.  Here is the scenario; we are 3 weeks out of cast and after 3.5 years of active treatment for Infantile Scoliosis we are back where we started.  This time we are truly powerless to treat his spine as his skin is our biggest barrier.  It is somewhat like watching grass grow, only slower.  Each day I examine his sores looking for signs of healing, praying for a change.  I feel it might be easier to mark each spot with a sharpie and then maybe I would know if they were new or old, bigger or smaller.  We have tried topical Bactriban, oatmeal baths, epsom salt baths, Aveeno lotion, Desonide lotion, Hydroxyzine for the discomfort, advil... It is an endless cycle of washing, cleaning, treating where days fly by and your time frame to have him cleared before April 8th, recasting, arrives.  We know his cast CANNOT be reapplied if he even has one sore remaining.  Wait and Watch.

You try not to view the spine, it doesn't matter what it is doing. The only problem is it does matter.  As you watch rotation that was once in check start to regress and the hump you had all but irradicated over three years slowly return your heart sinks and panic sets it.  PANIC sets in.  PANIC SETS IN!

I keep telling myself we have been here, we know it will go back.  The difference in our previous knowledge and today's knowledge is we are no longer dealing with a 1 or 2 year olds spine, we are now dealing with a 4 year olds spine.  A 4 year olds spine which is not nearly as flexible and not remotely as tolerent of change.  Regression now will put us in a zone we have faught the good fight to avoid.

So here is my plea...if you know the best remedies, wives tales, husband tales, grannies goodness, proven hard science, to help lesions heal and quick, share with me your knowledge! 

We always appreciate prayer and will keep you posted as our saga continues.

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It is crazy to think we once couldn't wait for the day he would be cast free and all we want now is for his cast to firmly be in place. Careful what you wish for.

Until Next Time, Keep it CuRvY~

Catie(Scoliosis Sucks) D.


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    Hi: Have they ruled out a fungal infection? (Did they do any tests/skin-scrapings for anything fungal -- from yeast to the various fungal things that are lumped under the generic term "ringworm"?) Is he on any topical prescription right now? If not, I wonder if it would hurt to apply an over-the-counter anti-fungal, with advice from the pharmacist? O.T.C. products like Lotrimin or yeast-infection creams contain clotrimazole; and Micatin and Tinactin contain miconazole. HOPE THIS CLEARS UP ASAP!!!!!

  • Forget the over the counter stuff. Please please please use Kenalog to deal with William's sores. Anthony developed a horrible painful rash after his magnetic growing rod surgery. A small army of 4 pediatricians at Rady Children's Hospital came up with Kenalog as the solution. Within one day, the rash and itch went away, as well as Anthony's crying. Ask your doctor about potential side effects and applicability, but at the end of the day, please beg your doctor for the Kenalog or buy from one of those Canadian pharmacies if you need to. It is worth a try. Feel free to email me at if you need more info. William is in our prayers.

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