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HELP! We need advice and fast! Dig in your granny's attic and share your healing knowledge.

As a new mom, I would roll my eyes when others would tell me how to parent my child.  As a old mom, I keep praying someone will tell me what to do.  I need all the nosey Nellies and Nancy’s to give me your two cents worth of wisdom.  Here is the scenario; we... Read more »

The Plague...bring it on!

They say God never gives you more than you can handle.  I can say we are definitely a sturdy stock.  First came Infantile Scoliosis,  3.5 years later the flood that started the rebuilding, 31 days in a hotel to return home to a half finished house.  The skin problems started about 2 weeks after we... Read more »

Dear Self...Lessons learned 3.5 years post diagnosis

With a steady influx of families new to this diagnosis, it takes you back to  the early days of uncertainty and shear terror at what lies ahead.  I have spent so much time looking forward that looking back is often too painful to face.  I remember the first few years as a constant roller coaster... Read more »

Nothing like being late to the party...Happy Donna Day!

In our family we call our perpetual lateness, Diefenbaugh time.  Today I am running on Diefenbaugh time, once again late for the party.  I couldn’t let the day go by without joining in the Chicago Now festivities and celebrating the joy that is Donna.  My introduction to ChicagoNow and the reason we have this beautiful... Read more »