When the waters come

I had all these grand plans for posts during the holidays.  I have in fact written a beautiful series in my head.  Life has a way of throwing you off kilter when you least expect it and mine came 35 days ago in the form of a flood.  December 5th started as normal as a work day could.  Herding kittens is what my Mom lovingly refers to getting kids out of the house in the morning.  Pretty accurate description.  One forgets a paper or can't find a mitten that was lovingly left on the bench at the bottom of the stairs, only I get downstairs and it has disappeared.  Back up to search high and low but oh wait there it is sitting behind the bench after all.  The work day was not bad.  I adopted a family for the holidays with the homeroom next door and we were working to make sure each child had what was needed.  I made a quick trip to our local Walmart to get the Red Rider Wagon and it was time to start wrapping up all the festive glory for a very deserving mom and 6 kids.  My oldest had his Advent program at church so I was actually prepared and started dinner in the crock-pot so we could eat and be back at church by 6 PM.  Kids picked up from Grandma I head home to start herding the cats through dinner, homework and back into the car.  I open the door and hear water.  My first thought was, "Why is the basement shower running?" I take a step up to climb the stairs when my foot squishes in the carpet.  OH S*(t!  I yell at the kids to get on the porch.  Why I have no idea but the house was wet and I had visions of the floor collapsing or something equally horrific.  I continued climbing, noticed the waters origination was the kitchen sink.  A quick survey showed the kitchen, hallway, living room and dining room with standing water.  I race down to the basement to shut off the main.  As I round the corner I notice the ceiling has collapsed and it is raining down on me from above.  The rest is a blur.  Phone calls, my mom picking the kids up, water mitigation company arriving, my husband arriving in record time, my brother in law arriving to help, my sister in law coming to the rescue and all my hoarding tendencies sitting soggy in a swamp of water.

We cleared 17 bags of soggy storage to the curb for trash pick up that night.  My dirty little secrets I hid in the confines of our walk out basement were exposed and dripping with both shame and horror.  Our life became hotels and industrial machinary for the better part of a week to attempt to abate all things water can cause.  We spent 31 days in a hotel before moving home without our furniture.  The upstairs has been restored minus furniture and with the addition of multiple boxes of treasures we save from downstairs.  The downstairs will be several more months of contrators and mold abatement specialists to restore to safe for our family.

In one of the most jarring moments of my married life, I found some of the greatest lessons.  I am a giver.  I get a buzz out of helping others.  Some have said this is to a fault.  I get a rush and pure joy out of giving.  My mom has always encouraged us to give quietly as you should do it for you and not for others to witness.  She taught by example and said when you give it will someday come back to you ten fold in blessings.  I have seen this first hand so many times in my life.  I wasn't prepared however to be a grateful recipient.  Our friends, family, & co-workers showered us with love, support, kindness, and fellowship.  I was at first horrified but can tell you every meal, tree, stocking, present was one I didn't have the time, energy or thought to pick up.  When you are used to cooking daily and you are suddenly faced with 2 meals a day for a family of 4 for over 30 days you find you  are hemorrhaging your grocery budget.   We made it through the other side with a little help from our friends.

We have a long road still ahead on our forced renovation.  Water and winter creates a great area for mold to grow and the process of removal is fairly extensive.  We are fortunate State Farm has stepped up to the plate and are looking out for our family's health in the restoration process.  Our family is forever humbled by the compassion shown us in the past 30 days.  I now know when the water comes I have a village set to carry us to the awaiting Ark.  I had dark days which my friends and family were always on hand to shine a bright light on our fortune!  Our home, which once felt like a burden now has become a haven and safe place.  I value each mortgage payment as precious, each meal as sacred.  The four members of our family are indeed my most precious possessions!  I feel I am an extremely rich women when it comes to support and love!  I vow to share with our faithful blog followers all the good the Lucky Cast Club has in store for 2013!  Happy Holidays....a little late!

Until next time, Keep it CuRvY~

Catie (Scoliosis & Water damage suck!) D.

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