If this post gets a million "likes" my husband still won't let me get a dog.

If this post gets a million "likes" my husband still won't let me get a dog.
Isn't he sweet!

Monday I was browsing facebook and came across a page.  These  precious kids with a sign reading, "If we get a 1,000,000 likes are parents will let us get a puppy!"   I wanted these kids to have a puppy.  I liked and then noticed a more recent post saying they reached their goal in record time and Mom/Dad are taking the kids to find their puppy at the ASPCA this week.  Yesterday, the lucky little poo heads picked out their puppy.  puppy

Why can't life be this simple?  I have been married 19 years in March, gave birth to two children, work 8 hours a day at a high school, run a successful business in my spare time and I also want a new dog but NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!  The other half of my duo has vetoed my dog request for months.

July of 2012 we lost our beloved Hunter after 14 crazy years.  If you have watched the movie "Marley and Me" you will know what life with our Hunter Bean was like.  He was an absolute terror the first few years and we loved every second of our beautiful boy.  Just like the babies without fur he was loveable, cuddly, & a complete tornado on our home.  When it was time to say goodbye to our boy it was truly one of the most heartwrenching moments we have ever endured.  We still feel him lovingly watching over our home even though he is watching us from heaven.  When Hunter went to the edge of the Rainbow, we agreed we would wait.  My husband changed the never again, to not for a very long time.

Months have passed and I have really looked to the kids to give an indication of when we would be ready.  My oldest was adament for several months, he wasn't ready.  Shortly before Thanksgiving Cody and I started talking about getting a new friend.  The house is quiet if that is even possible with two crazy boys.  It is the companionship we miss.  The pitter patter of four little feet.  My BFF came to visit thanksgiving weekend with her super dog, Brayker.  The house was happy when Brayker was here.  He is truly a wonder dog, well behaved, polite, friendly & oh so loveable.  He loved the boys and would follow us around to make sure he didn't miss anything.  Jen found Brayker at a shelter in her area.  He was a rescued Australian Cattle Dog.  We started researching and working slowly on Daddy.  Cody and I found a local rescue, "All American Dawg Rescue" who rescues Cattle dogs and other breeds from Kill shelters and places them in foster homes until their forever families can be found.  With Jen's help we sat and read every profile.  Tuff was the first friend who caught our eye.  He was very Brayker-esque.  December 5th the house flooded and my dream was placed on the back burner.  Tuff found his forever home over Christmas.  We are happy for Tuff.  He, in the end, was not our boy.

We moved home January 4th.  Although we have new flooring and are still waiting on furniture as well as the entire lower level of our house is gutted and waiting to be reconstructed, we are home. It is once again very quiet in our home. Last weekend I once again visited Petfinder, to see the new friends All American Dawgs had in foster care.  About half way down the page, he appeared....Tucker.  (please don't steal him, he is ours) He had me at hello!  Although we knew we could never have another lab after loving Hunter so, Tucker has Hunters coloring, but is a 1 year old Cattle Dog.  The profile was very specific and specified he was smart, polite, and super friendly.  It went on to colorfully define him as saying please and thank you to his foster parents.  A dog that says please and thank you?  My kids won't even do that without prompting!   They also said he housebroke himself.  What?  OMG he has to be ours.  I started sending Chad pictures and Tuckers profile.  He politely responded the answer is still no and please don't push me on this.

Not to be deterred, we openly discuss our dog Tucker often in front of Daddy.  He is still quite adament we are not getting a dog.  Yes I have actually contemplated if he would actually leave us if Tucker were to magically dropped in our perfectly sized, privately fenced back yard.  Although I highly doubt it would come to that, I respect my husband enough to not take those measures.  I will however not give up that Tucker is our dog and belongs in our home.  He is ours even though it may take me months to get Chad to see the merits of a new friend who says please and thank you.

My birthday is February 7th, Cody's birthday is February 19th.  When Chad asks what we want for our birthday, we tell him Tucker.  I understand my husbands hesitation.  He feels it is wrong to replace a beloved friend so quickly, but Hunter would want us to be happy.  He was the very definition of happy.  His other concern; the house is practically brand new after our flood.  We have went through heck trying to renovate post flood and we need to enjoy the house and be proud.  Dogs are destructive....but not this dog!  He is perfect!

If I can get 1,000,000 likes on this post my husband still won't let me bring him home.  I am wondering if I pay his adoption fee, will his foster family continue to foster my friend until Daddy sees the love our home can offer our new friend?

I'll Keep  you posted, until next time keep it CuRvY and Furry!

Catie(I want Tucker really bad) D.


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