Hold the iPad, I am giving the gift of Hope this holiday season

Hold the iPad, I am giving the gift of Hope this holiday season

Cast 14 has come and gone.  We were met with expected news; no change...see you in 12 weeks.  In the back of our minds, the glimmer of hope sat dormant.  Afraid to hope too much for a reprieve from our 4th year of casting, yet some shards still manage to hit barbed in your outer shell at the news of no change.  We are grateful for our correction and know any hint of remorse is selfish when others are sitting where we began.  We were given the option to start bracing.  The crystal ball seems to show William and his tiny spine has met maximum correction for his little body.  We started just shy of 70 degrees and where we are is a far cry from where we started.  Our Surgeon has supported the belief William is safer in cast than he would be in brace at this time, prefaced with his emotional well being staying on the forefront of our decisions.  Chad touched my heart and soul with his thought process on our decisions.  Simply stated, he doesn't want to give up HOPE.  I love this man with all my being.  For us, casting has always been the equivalent of HOPE.  We, for now, continue to choose HOPE.

For three years we have been given HOPE from a small hospital with a lot of HEART.  Nestled on the outskirts of Oak Park, on a quiet neighborhood street in Chicago is Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago.  Leaders in the Orthopedic and Spinal Treatment, they employ a group of everyday heros.  These people are not just our nurses, nursing assistants, x-ray technicians, cast technicians, Anethesiologists, Neurologists, & Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeons, they are our family.  They know my child, the know my family and they place each child and families individual needs above all else.  Their hands and hearts provide respite for many the weary soul.  They are part of a network of hospitals, the unsong heros in the fight against Orthopedic, Cleft Lip and Palate, Burn Care & Spinal Cord Injuries.  Shriners Hospitals for Children are the best of the best in patient centered care.  All care provided without fear of financial hardship for its families.  We have received $182,000+ in services for William to date.  If we look at the other families in the Lucky Cast Club alone, we are looking millions of dollars in care provided at no cost to our families!  We want to keep our centers open and providing care to families.  We want to support their mission to advance research and impact the lives of generations to come.

In the spirit of Thanks and Giving, we are kicking off our campaign to support the centers who support our families.  A recent search for celebrities who support our centers yielded the following:

Shriners Hospitals for Children has received support from the  following celebrities:

Read more:  http://www.looktothestars.org/charity/shriners-hospitals-for-children#ixzz2BpaNFTuP

The 18 names are huge to me.  In the broad scheme of giving, it is but a whisper.  Shriners Hospital for Children totals22 centers.  The cost of caring for all of these families astronomical.  We want to ensure they have the funds to continue supporting their mission for generations to come.  Our HOPE is large and our new campaign seems small in compariosn to what they have given us.  We will start with a whisper and pray it grows to a SCREAM!  So here is the plan, starting today and continuing through 2013 we have launched a Lucky Cast Club fundraising page through Shriners Hospital for Children.  When you make a donation, you will be prompted to select a program.  This is your chance to earmark your donation for a specific center.  We ask our friends in Chicago to select Shriners Hospital for Children-Chicago.  For our members cared for at Shriners Hospital for Children across the country, please prompt your friends and family to select your center!  No donation is too small.  Each act of giving will be treasured by our families!

In the season of Thanks and Giving, we have chosen hope as our gift of choice.  Shriner's Hospital for Children-Chicago is and will always remain our HOPE.

Until next time, Keep it CuRvY~

Catie(Scoliosis Sucks)D.

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