Reflections from a frazzled mind

September is Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month.  I have been following some beautiful blogs Mary Tyler Mom and Donna's Cancer Story is being featured on Huffington Post.  If you haven't followed this story of HOPE, LOVE, & STRENGTH, I highly suggest you do.  The Mary Tyler Family and beautiful amazing Donna changed my world last year and have not left my heart since.  They have made me a better mom, a better person.  Yes my friends, my world has been changed for the better after meeting this family through the wonderful virtual world we live in.

It has been extremely difficult to blog about Scoliosis during a month that seems so much bigger than our squiggly lives.  Our children are in no imminent danger of leaving us.  No I am not minimizing our journey, I am just stepping back from it for a post or two.  PERSPECTIVE is a tremendous gift we have the fortune to learn from.  For families facing life threatening diagnosis and immense loss days are spent counting breaths and clinging to life.  We for all intensive purposes have time to reflect, weigh, & yes still worry.  We have time to pick apart perspective and analyze points of view.  We can debate treatments and pick apart time frames, methods and modalities.  We have this gift.  In my work life I work with Americas future, yes teens.  I allow myself to get caught in petty and pass judgement where I have no room to judge.  They have time to learn from their mistakes and I have to remind myself we all learn our lessons in our own time frame and from our mistakes.  These are blessing my friends.  Time for perspective and reflections are our gifts to give.  I have allowed my life to be consumed by my own feelings of frustration.  I am not frustrated with my friends,I am frustrated with how I deal with my reactions and feelings.

I ask we each take some time this month to sit back, breath, relax, relish & reflect.   The truest testament we can give to a life lost is to live.  Live with dignity, live with honor, live with truth, live with compassion for others, live with joy, live with laughter, live with love, live with gratitude & among all else... LIVE.

Short and Sweet, Until Next Time Keep it CuRvY~

Catie(Scoliosis Sucks) D.

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