Usain Bolt: Power of Possibility

Usain Bolt: Power of Possibility

Since William's diagnosis at 10 months of age different fears have fought their way to my world.  In the beginning I feared whether he would hit his milestones: crawling, walking, running, jumping, etc... With great pride he met the milestones, although often later then his peers.  As his personality has emerged I have seen a little baller emerge.  The nagging fears tend to change as personality emerge.  What was once meeting his milestones has changed, will he ever be able to play the beloved sports he watches with the passion of a pro.  As he prances the living room during an Irish Game yelling TOUCHDOWN at appropriate plays or sits in the stands of countless high school ball games prompting "Get Big" or "Shoot", my heart would often wander to a time when I could be the parent in the stands.  The possibility of a William being a High School Athlete seemed such a long shot.

Well my friends, there is power in possibility.  I was surfing crackbook and noticed a post on our Cast Families support page, it involved Usain Bolt and kicking Scoliosis butt.  This post was followed by a picture.  The gods of google were then kicked into high gear.  Yes from the photo it was clear, to this mom who can spot scoliosis from across a football field, Usain Bolt had a curve.  The final confirmation came from the running prodigy's own words in an ESPN article.  He was asked about his scoliosis and responded it started small and during adolescents increased to a significant "S" curve.  Although it caused him discomfort during his adolescent years he has been able to adapt by strengthening his core muscles.

I sat at my computer last night analyzing Usain Bolt's photo.  I marveled at his muscle core surrounding the curve.  William appeared at my side and asked who I was looking at.  I said that is Usain Bolt.  He is the fastest man in the world at this moment and guess what William...he has Scoliosis.  William bright eyed with wonder responds, "Like Me?"

My mothers heart soared, possibility flooding my soul.  There is power in such amazing possibility my friends. Oscar Pistorius , South African sprinter & double amputee, is a second glowing example of hope and possibility.  I watched a news file last night where they consulted an expert in prosthesis to evaluate if Oscar's prosthetics give him an unfair advantage.  The results showed that it is Oscars force that drives his sprint rather than his prosthetic legs.  The expert went on to end his interview with misty eyes, saying Oscar is "Perfect"!!

I have never considered our children anything less than "Perfect".  Their crooked spines may seem an impediment at this moment but lurking behind every milestone shines amazing possibility.

Until Next Time, Keep it CuRvY~

Catie(Scoliosis Sucks)D.


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    Hi, my 5 year old little girl has scoliosis, but has a triple curve going on in there. She too had wide, bright eyes when I told her about Usain Bolt. She said,
    "what the really fast one? Wow, he's so good, I'm so proud of how good he has done even with his scoliosis. MUm, will you come and watch me when I run in the olympics and will you cry when I get a medal? Because people cry when they are happy don't they?"
    Needless to say my heart melted a little at this conversation :)

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    Rachael I am so sorry you are dealing with such an agressive curve. Each story is so unique, no two curves alike. The moments of wow when we see HOPE in the mist of horror are ones to grab and cherish. We are praying for your little warrior! My email is if you ever want to release!

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