The best of the bad....New rules, new game

The best of the bad....New rules, new game

The downside of maintaining a blog focused entirely on Scoliosis...if you want to escape from the journey, your blog stays dormant.  I am grateful my friends were kind enough to guest post when I was unwilling to admit we still had a dog in this fight.  Yes, I took the ostrich approach to the almost 3 week break and pretended today wouldn't come.  "Time holds still for no man, " so the saying goes and Cast #13 (although all day we thought it was 14) eventually arrived.

There is guilt in the good and guilt in the bad.  We were number 5 of the day of surgeries and number 2 of 4 casts.  Yes guilt for being #2 when you know your friends are waiting when you are already back in Pre-OP.  We were the first to get results of our group of 3 and after viewing his X-ray we weren't really surprised by the 5 in a row no real change news.  William is holding at 22 degrees out of cast.  He was 18-20 for the past 4 and the difference in these numbers keeps you in the scoliosis world at no change.  Our new news was really nothing new, just a new interpretation of the old.  William is closing in on 4 years old and 18-22 is most likely as good as it gets.  I think we both knew this to be true, it however had never been articulated.  Hearing it from the mouth of the man you love, adore and respect hits a little harder than suspecting it to be true.  He continued to explain with a 70 degree starting point 3 years ago this is far more than we could have anticipated.  With the same 70 degrees starting point he feels it is best for William to stay in cast until it becomes an issue, i.e. William is having trouble traversing with school or sports, etc... We will continue casting 18-24 more months and then move to brace for his adolescent years.  The new game plan will be with 22 as his guideline.  It is 45 degrees lower than where he would have started 3 years ago and for this we are thankful.  We have 15+ more years in this game, ride, roller coaster and we have countless lessons, trials, graces to traverse.  We still have a dog in this fight, we just now have a new fight.

I am lamenting a little in this change in events.  I have to tell you he is my baby boy and I have given my life to ensure his safety and care.  Our every move in life, jobs, schools, hospitals has been for our children and their well being.  I can't apologize for feeling what I am feeling.  I have a bit of survivors guilt today as our news was the best of the bad news of our tiny casting family of 3.  Our Lucky Cast Club family is large...our casting days are shared consistently with our 2 other friends.  I have to think God intended us to be together as we have never been without our trio for over a year.  We are all still in the casting world and I can assure you having our friends move forward has brought immense joy for their amazing news and sadness to know you are still where you are.  If we were the best of the bad  I have to say I am at least grateful we are all still together.

I am humbled by the amazing outpouring of support for all the little ones who were casting today.  We had 3 in Chicago and a brand new friend who casted at Shriners in PA.  Next week will bring more casts and the next month will welcome brand new graduates!  The process is just that a process.  For each friend who graduates, we will welcome a friend at the beginning of their journey.  We will grow, change, adapt, & widen our arms to expand our growing group.  I am ready for Fall....the planning of our second Mom's retreat in central Indiana and hoping we can coordinate a family event.

New Rules, New Game....but as one nurse mentioned today you guys seem to have written the guidebook to casting.  We can't take credit for writing it, just credit for filling it with LOVE and HOPE!

Until Next Time, Keep it CuRvY~

Catie (Scoliosis Sucks) D.

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