Know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em: When is it time to move out of cast world?

Yes, once again I am dealing with guilt for neglecting my beloved Lucky Cast Club.  I have written 10 posts in my head while traversing my busy world of working two jobs, trying to maintain my Mom status and find time for sleep in the process.  In the course of a month we have shared a relaxing vacation, started school, started pre-school, had a visit to after-hours clinic for strep &  made two trips to Chicago one for a cast #13 and one with my beloved to celebrate "Fortytude" of a dear friend and fellow cast mom.  The time has been a jumble of thoughts, emotions, & somewhere in the midst I have tried to catch glimpses on facebook so my friends don't think I have forgotten they exist.  William was given the no change at last cast and we are putting on our big girl/boy panties and moving forward for another couple of years of casting. After glimpsing the other side of the coin, we are sincerely blessed we have this as an option.  No regrets, no looking back, forward is the only option.

Infantile Scoliosis has boxes within boxes.  With diagnosis you are placed in your box: idiopathic or congenital, those boxes have additional boxes progressive or self-resolving, the boxes will then include treatment options, bracing, casting, surgery.  All the families have went through the process of being placed in boxes and some have moved.  Your box, like a prime piece of real estate, should build value the more you invest. In a perfect market you should be able to trade your casting box for the bracing box and if all goes well after years of equity you should be able to move far away from this frickin box world.  Ahh what a wonderful world that would be if all our kids could live somewhere over the rainbow.

Boxes are made of cardboard and with every rainbow there was rain somewhere on the horizon.  When the rain comes some of the boxes get wet and lose don't have the option to move to the shiny new box...your options are now stay in the wet box or move to the less desirable box and hope with all hope you can build equity with time and nurture in the new, less desirable world.  Are you bored with boxes yet?

This tirade regarding boxes came out of worrying about friends whose boxes have been drenched.  I want nothing more to tell them to wait for the flipping rainbow. Reality says some storms aren't chased away by the sun.  For these friends, you have to weigh the pros and cons of moving out or staying put.  Casting while our kids are young and blissfully unaware is a blessing.  William has started pre-school and is for the first time having to explain his armor.  Kids are still very forgiving in pre-school.  William's new BFF was allowed to punch his armor and has deemed it soooo cool.  We can shelter and surround them with nice kids but we can't keep them three in pre-school for their entire lives.  As they get older and primary school, sports, and broader horizons enter the picture families have to make the decision that is best for their child.  Even when you have set in your mind a timeline it is your prerogative to change, adjust and adapt your little ones environment.  No one other than you can decided when it is time to move forward.  Just always remember no matter where you move you have a village ready to help you build equity in your new surroundings.

To all my friends who have been severely neglected in the past month...I love you all.  Thank you for not holding my absent minded behavior against me.  There has not been one day you haven't been in my hearts and thoughts.  Catie will slowly get her groove back, this I promise.  September is going to kick off two amazing fundraisers for our Mom's weekend and we will soon be launching our Fall "Fun" raiser to support our amazing hospitals.  I have it on my agenda next week to order the Graduate Shirts that are more than a little late for some special friends.  WAY TO GROW ADDYSON!!! You fought Infantile Scoliosis and Set it STRAIGHT!!!!!  Huge love is being sent to our friends who are currently in Korea picking up the fabulous Miss Kiya's baby sister.  Our little club is overjoyed at a new sibling in the mix.

We would love to hear from families who have moved from casting to rod surgery.  As we have families facing this new box it would be ever so helpful to share your stories.  We can love and support until we are blue but it will never compare to experience.

Until next time, Keep it CuRvY~

Catie (Scoliosis Sucks) D.


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