Our Giant Summer Sandbox

Tomorrow we will celebrate Cast off day in a entirely new way!  Yes, it will be a party but the scenery will be something new.  We are casting off at our beach house!  In my mind we stroll to the waters edge as a family, spread the blanket & cut the armor from our Iron Will.  This will be our 13th cast off and I welcome the change of scene.  Reality will most likely be less serene and more get this thing off so I can play in the sand.  This is the stinkiest of casts.  I can see the ring of dirt on his T-shirt already and the stench of boy, sweat, & dirt has been ever present for a month.  I wish we had a giant bottle we could place the cast in and send it out to sea for others to find our hidden treasure of HOPE.  Wouldn't that be something a GIANT cast bottle floating from shore to shore.  My luck we would kill a dolphin and Casting would get a bad name.  Just in case I would sign the card something other than HUGS and HOPE the Lucky Cast Club to throw them off our tracks.

Healing is my hope for the week.  The sea has a way of saturating my soul, healing the wounds the year has plagued me with.  It has been an uphill battle to launch this adventure.  Nothing worth having is typically easy though.  Last year I longed for a place we could offer families so they could experience the healing respite our family cherished.  I need to put that back on my long list of dreams.

For now I must  resume the packing & cleaning.  Slowly checking the line items of my list.  Freedom Day is one day away in more ways than the obvious!


See you at the Shore!  Until next time, Keep it Curvy~

Catie (Scoliosis Sucks)D.

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