Day 23 of Scoliosis Awareness Month~ A tribute to our Warriors!

My hope, these little friends will inspire you to share their journey.  Infantile Scoliosis is often missed.  To date families are still being told Scoliosis doesn't occur in infants/toddlers.  It indeed does and these families and faces are proof.  Derotational, Cotrel/Mehta, Casting is the best treatment to allow children living with Progressive Infantile Scoliosis a chance at a life free from scoliosis or HOPE for time to grow prior to facing surgical intervention.  Many of our little warriors have soared into a new phase in their care and are emBracing a future free from progressive curves.  With any medical condition, we don't write our children's story, the story writes itself.  Not all of these friends will have their journey end with happily ever after, they will however never walk in darkness. We have a village of friends holding lights to brighten their path!  Love to you my Lucky Cast Club families!  HUGS and HOPE!

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