What's in a name? Day 22 of Scoliosis Awareness Month, Lets spark some candid conversations!

What's in a name? Day 22 of Scoliosis Awareness Month, Lets spark some candid conversations!
What's in your name?

I have always had a fascination with names and their meaning.  There is so much to a name.  When choosing, parents have gone as far as hiring focus groups to help choose the best name for their little one.  Although this is too much for me, I can understand.  This is the first gift you will give your child.  The first impression your child will make.  It can share your family history, continue a legacy, presume innocence, etc... Although we ultimately choose our child's name I believe they make it their own.  In our case, a family name & it's meaning couldn't have fit our little man more perfectly if we would have had a crystal ball.  The list of Lucky Cast Club friends runs through my head on almost a daily basis.  I wanted to explore if  their names fit them as well as William's (ValiantProtector) meaning did.

What's in a name, The Lucky Cast Club Kids:
  • Son of Jack
  • Greatest
  • Good Will
  • Valiant
  • Pure
  • Admiring
  • Crowned with Laurel
  • Anchor/Steadfast
  • Greatest
  • God is Gracious (We have two little ones who share this meaning)
  • Son of the Sea/Born from the Ocean(this belongs to our swimmer in the group-he has a drysuit)
  • Raven Haired
  • Hero of God
  • Divine Gift
  • From the River
  • Fire of the Lord
  • Son of Adam
  • Noble Beauty
  • Greatly Beloved Wife of Pharaoh, Sweet Face, Most Beautiful One
  • Rhythm
  • Protector
  • Follower of Christ

They all fit the personalities perfectly.  Now if we could just find a little one with scoliosis with the name "Kicking Booty"!

We have more stories coming your way in the next few days!  Thank you for joining us this month.  We have found so much strength in the stories and amazing comments you have sent our way!  It is about sharing, one story at a time.  I have had two amazing adults who survived scoliosis surgery contact me this month.  Both had stories of inspiration and both said they were unaware scoliosis could occur so young.  We have 7 days remaining in scoliosis awareness month, relay just one of the stories you have read to one person in the next 7 days.  Ask them to share with one person as well.  We can start a chain reaction involving candid conversations about awareness and early detection with nothing bigger than a spark.

Until Next time, Keep it Curvy~

Pure(Scoliosis Sucks) Harvestor


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