Summer: 60 days and Counting

We have entered a new realm of realization with our little guy.  He is a very wise three year old.  Yesterday we were preparing to go to my nieces baby "shower".  He said, "I can't go, I have a cast on."

Slightly puzzled I said,"Your cast doesn't mean you can't have cake and fun."

William quickly retorts with,"I can't take a shower, duh mom!"

I guess the literal translation of giving a baby  a shower was not lost on my uber smart little guy.  We went to the party, ate cake and played games.  The thought of the shower somewhat subsided until he played elf for the presents.  He would carry these boxes and bags over to Sarah and she would open them.  Each one he would smile and giggle....that is until the bath tub was opened.  He looked at me eyes wide and said, "see I told you."

When he was an infant I marveled at his level of acceptance.  Things were hard in terms of movement yet I felt easy because he accepted and rarely questioned.  As we have moved through the years and casts little has changed.  He can now verbalize discomfort which is easier.  The hard part is his new level of realization.  He now knows pools exist and kids get to swim in them.  He realizes that some of his friends have braces that will come off and they can swim.  He knows that summer means beach.  Beach means cast off.  Cast off means swim.  He knows the cast has to stay on to keep his spine straight.  This one is hard.  Although he can recite the reason for wearing the cast, it doesn't make it easier to accept or start the bargain process when he wants to swim.  He has started putting a blanket in the middle of the living room and pretending it's a pool.  He swims in his pool everyday.  I know he is still young and honestly a pool is such a small part of his world.  We will one day look back and think what a small blip on the screen of life.

Our countdown to our summer is 2 months and counting.  60 days until we are sitting on the beach for 7 full days of summer fun.  We will pretend to swim and imagine our feet firmly in the sand from the middle of our living room.  I have decided to start a cool calendar we can mark off each day to help him visualize how much time until he gets to swim.  In 2 weeks we will head to Chicago Shriner's Hospital to celebrate Scoliosis awareness month with our friends.  This will be William's first trip to the hospital in 3 years without receiving a cast.  We will finally get to meet friends we have been sharing daily updates with for years as well as embrace our friends who have become family through this process.

Summer is my least favorite time to be in cast.  With that said it is all about engaging with your little ones.  Find creative ways to bless each day.  Wrap them in a trash bag and let them run in the sprinkler.  Water tables to others have been priceless ways to enjoy the summer heat.  Moderation is key and eliminating temptation.  This is harder with older siblings but we have managed to work around it.  You are never alone in your worries as parents, we have all been there.  This will be our 3rd summer in cast and guess what?  We somehow survived and are still here to tell the tale!  Hang in there our beautiful friends!

60 Days....X

Until Next Time, Keep it Curvy~

Catie(scoliosis-sucks) D.

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