Routine: What is that?

Cast #12 is on.  To say the day was routine would imply there is anything routine about casting.  I was humbled today by the process I claim to be a veteran of.  I broke all the rules I set for myself on cast day.  Stay calm, come to cast day with no preconceived notions of what the day will bring, & keep your cards close to your chest. I was prepared for good news.  I knew what I wanted and had convinced myself I was ready to hear it.  I had also prepared myself for what we were going to hear from our friends.  What actually happened rocked me to my core and brought me back to reality.

After spending the better part of the night processing what actual happened I can say I hate the girl I became yesterday.  I was rude and dismissive.  I wanted William to be in the room with his friends and therefore through a tiny tantrum when we arrived and were scheduled in a room by ourselves.  The hospital quickly went into action and moved William and Giana to a room together.  Watching their bond lets me know that was the only thing I did right all day.  Kiya was then left in a room alone and I have immense guilt about this outcome.  We met two other cast families and let me just say they were incredible!  Little Emily and Stephanie are precious.  Their parents equally wonderful.

William spit out his Versed.  Some prefer a pre-op without versed, I however don't want him to remember the mask coming at him and putting him to sleep.  I also didn't want him to remember the shot so we sent him back to face the mask.  I don't know how this played into what happened next and never want to go through it again.  Dr. H came to see us in the waiting room.  He was the same on numbers which meant no change 5 in a row.  No change is good.  It is hard when you swore you saw change.  I was over the news seconds after it was delivered when Sarah and Cathy sat down it was a thing of the past.  We all sat there for what seemed forever.  Still no word he was out of PACU and back in the room.  The doors to the PICU opened and I somewhat expected Dr. H to be out to give Sarah news on Giana.  Where was William?  They looked at us and a said come on back.  We think he wants you.  We walk into the room with alarms ringing.  They have Oxygen there in front of him and a ton of nurses around his bed. His SPO2 was low and his lips were blue.  They would apply the oxygen, stabilize him to mid to low 90's and it would repeat.  Drop into the 60's, apply oxygen and after a few minutes he would stabilize.  3 hours of ping pong and I never really realized how serious it was until we left the hospital.  No time to freak out, just watch and act.  They were able to flare the cast away from his chest and finally achieve a stable O2 level.  While in ICU I missed supporting my friends.  They were there for us and I was no where to be seen when they needed me.

The other stories of the day aren't mine to tell.  I love my friends and not being there is hard.  I get the chance to try to be the model parent, friend and veteran cast mom again in July for cast #13.  I was reminded there is nothing routine with putting your child under anesthesia and wrapping their tender bodies in a cast.  Expect the unexpected.  I was humbled by anticipating an outcome, the no change you get could very well be the miracle another family would take.  I am grateful for having so many who love and support my child and all of his friends.  They are the cherry on the cake.  I wouldn't redo yesterday if I was given the choice but I am grateful for the lessons learned.

Until next time, keep it curvy~


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