Old Eggs: There goes that theory...

Old Eggs: There goes that theory...
30's are the new 20's.

If you have been following us for a while the you know I have a wild imagination.  With the diagnosis "Idiopathic Infantile Scoliosis" comes the need to find out the Idiopathic part of their world. I don't like the no answer, answer to why my son has Scoliosis.  I have researched family history looking for a link.  A couple of possibilities but no definitive hand waving hereditary link.  We have looked to friend's families trying to see what we have in common.  Once again, we all have kids with Infantile Scoliosis and we are all really great people yet I have failed to find the one Aha link to our kids condition.  That was until my husband said have you noticed we are all old parents.

OK so I have to clarify....we are not old as in walker old or Guinness World record age for having children, yet when pregnant with my youngest I was classified as advanced maternal age.  Many of our friends in the Scoliosis world also fell into this same category.  This was the most logical link we all seemed to have.  We were having second or third children & having to check the 30-40 box on surveys.  My husband was very keen to use this as one of many reasons we should avoid having more children.  The fact I can't sneeze without worrying about my bladder was reason enough for me.  Well so there we had it, for nearly a year we mentally blamed the advanced maternal age for why our kids were dealing with Scoliosis at such a young age.  With every good conspiracy theory there will somehow come the fatal flaw to your theory.

In the past year, we have grown our circle of friends with Infantile Scoliosis.  As one of my dear friends, also of advanced maternal age, pointed out..."they are babies".  There went the damn theory.  With the influx of new families we have had the influx of parents who have to check the 20-29 box on their surveys.  It really was a good theory while it lasted.  I suppose it's time to re-evaluate the something in the water theory.

In the end, the Idiopathic portion should not play such a role in my mental grasp on Iron Will's Scoliosis.  How it happened has no bearing on his treatment or outcome. It simply is a variable we will never know.  There are several families who have more than one child who has been dealt this diagnosis.  I would have to say there is a strong hereditary argument that could be made with these families.  For others like us, we need to let go and let a higher power take our battle.  The "Why" will not change the outcome it will only add stress to our already crazy roads.  Welcome to all our new friends! We are an equal opportunity scoliosis group...old and new are always welcome.

I would love to hear others crazy theorys.  Maybe we will find one that will stick!  Until next time, keep it curvy~

Catie(Scoliosis Sucks) D.

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