Mind over Matter

Mind over Matter
SLC Best Friends

My favorite scheduler from my favorite hospital called this week for our next date.  Lucky #12 will come April 16, 2012.  We were already prepared for this date.  It was one of the few times we have actually needed a specific date.  Big Brother will see the Shriner's Hospital Neurologist on April 17th.  We are trying to minimize our travel and maximize the personal attention each child will get.  The thought of us having to flip a coin and decide who goes with which child was causing me more than one sleepless night.  We were fortunate to have a hospital of staff willing to work with us.

I did say this was Lucky #12.  I actually have said this about all of our casts over the last 3 years.  2 was just as lucky as 11 and I will stand by that statement.  I have spent many a year anxious about our next appointment.  I am the girl who hates change.  I like everything in it's mental place.  So taking off a cast we are used to and putting my Iron Will back under anesthesia really isn't something that fits in the neat little box.

Not sure if the theme song to "Weeds" is why I love the show so flippen much or if it is the crazy antics of the cast which clearly don't fit in any box no matter how hard they try.  In my mind I spent so much time fighting a battle with my self and my perception of what a new date had to be.  We had to have good numbers. Will had to come out just as carefree as when he went in.  My anxiety was causing strife in my family.  It sparked Will's anxiety about the day.  It was time to let go of my boxes.  Life wasn't going to fit in those damned things so it was pointless trying to keep shoving.  I stepped back and started to let William set the tone.  His cast would come off and he looked forward to the party with family and cupcakes.  He then started telling us what color his next cast would be & picking out the presents he would take to Giana and Kiya.  He looked forward to his adventures in his Chicago.  It all was very carefree.  He rarely mentioned the actual process of putting the cast on.  His only fear ever mentioned was don't leave me alone in that doctor room which referred to him waking in PACU and wanting us.

As we prepare for cast #12 I am fighting the demons that plague my subconscious behavior to worry and stress.  To William this is a play-date with his friends and for me it needs to be the same.  I am blessed to spend these days with people I love.  We are often offered the opportunity to reach out to new friends.  For some reasons I, the girl with extreme social anxiety, has a complete calm when meeting strangers following our same path.  I am able to spread my wings in this environment that is anything but a normal setting.  Today I vow to take the mind over matter path to making this just another day with friends.  I will allow Iron Will to lead the way...If he doesn't mind, it simply won't matter!

Taylor and Massi
Chicago Play-date with best buddies!
Chicago Play-dates
Rylie & Max Cast friends!
Giana and William
Giana & William wearing their matching bones!


Until next time, Keep it curvy!

Catie(Scoliosis Sucks)D.

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