Kony 2012: No longer invisible

Kony 2012: No longer invisible

I have yet to find a child in danger that I do not have a longing to protect.  Maybe it is the mother in me that has spawned this need or maybe it was the mother I had that nurtured this need.  My blog was born out of a need to save families the twisted road to find treatment for their children who have been diagnosed with infantile & juvenile scoliosis.  Each story is personal to me.  Each little life worth the fight to be treated for a condition which is treatable if caught early using a non surgical method.  Although my blog is almost always scoliosis related, tonight I was pulled from my bed & called to my computer in an effort to shed light on a cause that is so much bigger than my child's struggle.

March 5 2012 Invisible Children Inc. launched what will be a worldwide effort to shed light on the atrocities of Joseph Kony & bring him to justice for his crimes against humanity.  Until today I lived a life I felt was informed.  I watch news, I frequent documentaries by independent film makers, yet somehow the Kony name was not one I would have picked out of a lineup of Warlords.  I started noticing buzz about a video on facebook this evening.  With that said the video was 27 minutes long and I have children to care for.  It was approximately 10:30PM when I noticed my 15 yo niece Emily had posted a status update on her page saying to take the time to watch the video it opened her eyes.  A couple of her high school friends then chided and joked and Emily said no it's serious, watch it.

I guess I should share why this opened my eyes.  My Emily is also known in our family as the Honey Badger.  She is quick to choose the funny rather than deal with too much serious.  She has a heart of gold, although you will need to chip through some of the concrete exterior to see it shining.  Emily, like my 9 other nieces and nephews, is one of my favorite people.  She makes me laugh & when she shows hurt or pain or sympathy, she causes me to immediately take notice.  If this was worth 27 minutes of a teenagers time and then worth her share, it was worth my time as well.  I sat, iPhone in hand, headphones in my ears and started watching. 27 minutes that would move me to tears, call me to action & pull my from my precious bed and a couple extra hours of sleep to share what I watched with you.

Watch and Share

If the world knows who Joseph Kony is, it will unite to stop him.
It starts here.

KONY 2012 is a film and campaign by Invisible Children that aims to make Joseph Kony famous, not to celebrate him, but to raise support for his arrest and set a precedent for international justice.


Whether you are moved to share or ignited to join the cause, I would hope after watching you are at least more informed than I prior to viewing.  I am neither a Democrat nor Republican.  If I had to label myself I would choose humanitarian.   Once we as a people lose our humanity & compassion for our fellow man we are indeed lost.  Kony is one, of many, who needs to be brought to justice.  It is what I believe to be one small step in what should be a wave.  Every step towards creating a better world starts with a single step.

I saw this quote several weeks ago while researching an unrelated topic.  It never resonated as much as it does tonight:

 I wondered why somebody didn't do something.  Then I realized, I am somebody. - Author Unknown

Tonight I am choosing to do something because I am somebody.

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