Nothing but a "C" thing baby

Nothing but a "C" thing baby
Darth William. Oh yeah he likes the dark side & force chokes me when he is in time out.

After spending nearly three years in casts, it is sometimes hard to remember what is normal toddler happenings and what is caused by the cast.  My first reaction to anything adverse is to blame the cast.  My family and friends seem to want to do the same thing.  William falls and bumps his head, it was the cast.  William catches a cold, it lingers because of the cast.  William is a total nightmare and won't sleep....because of the cast.  I am making excuses all the time for his mishaps/behavior, yet when someone else uses his cast as an excuse I somehow get offended.  It begs the question are these cast things or toddler problems?

Things I know I can blame on the cast....William can't go swimming.  He is limited on time outside in the summer due to the heat, hence why we are so flippen pale.  We can't/don't play in sand boxes.  His pants often don't stay up.  Yes he is the kid at the grocery with his jeans around his knees. If we get them long enough to fit his length, they don't seem to fit his waist with the cast.  We often wear sweat pants just for the elastic factor although it is pretty funny to walk through a store and all of a sudden he is mooning everyone with his pull up.  Go Diego Go!

With the list of actuals being short my list of accused behaviors is vast in comparison.  William bumped his head at school last week, I said it's ok he is top heavy.  If that is true why did he gash his cheek while out of cast?  Was that a residual effect of prolonged casting or do toddlers fall because they have only been using those feet a couple of years?  When he gets the stomach flu I blame it on the cast getting tight.  Reality the cast does get tight.  Flip side, kids get stomach virus'.  Often they get them at the least opportune times.  Cody used to get them when I had extremely important events at work. He didn't have a  cast so I blamed it on daycare.  Colds...I blame his lingering colds on his inability to expand his lungs.  This is partially the casts fault.  I have had a sinus infection for two weeks and I can't blame anything other than super germs for it's origin and duration.  Rashes I can't argue.  The fact he has had yeast infections more times than I can count is directly influenced by the cast.  Temper tantrums...his Pa, who is his "bestest buddy", says well I would throw a fit too if I had to be locked in a cast all the time.  That won't fly Pa.  Tantrums are part of being 2 then 3 and will still be punished even though he is wearing a cast.  Time out isn't just for kids of perfect health despite his Pa's insistence.  Potty training my mom blames the cast being too tight on his waist.  My friend Celeste whose son Connor is the same age as Will however is having the same trainign issues and Connor is not her scoliosis child.  Kiya is 3 days older than William and potty trained in cast.  I think it's a stubborn boy issue rather than a cast issue.  Sorry Mom!

I guess if I were to have a point in this post it would be sometimes kids are just kids.  They can contract a virus, be stinky, throw tantrums, have nightmares, fall when walking, bruise their knees, bump their heads and it is all just part of being a toddler.  We can blame somethings on the cast and truly those are the craps of it's existence.  All in all our kids are normal, well adjusted, super hero kids who have faced the devil and said I got you.  I am in awe of what our kids have accomplished despite obstacles and think normal is what they crave.  I remind myself on a daily basis William doesn't know the difference between being in a cast and not being in a cast.  The last thing he needs me to do is make excuses for him or allow others to on his behalf.  There are the times where we can say "It's a cast thing, baby" and times where the cast is a convenient excuse.  It has taken me nearly 3 years to understand this and trust me when I say I will need a reminder the next time I am whining on his behalf!

I am loving all the good new updates we have had coming our way from Greenville, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Salt Lake City & Chicago lately!  Let's keep 2012 rolling this way!  Sending love to Miss Grace next week, hugs to Giana who is fighting Pneumonia, & novena's for Bess and Teddy who has been run through the Cast ringer lately.  Gravel down the cast is definitely a cast problem instead of a toddler issue!   Also prayers for our new families who are just adjusting to their first casts.  You guys are doing great!

Until next time, keep it curvy my friends!

Catie (Scoliosis sucks) D.

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