Follow that sunshine!

Follow that sunshine!
Baby Cadence at the beginning of her 3 year journey!

Each child is unique.  There is no two spines exactly the same.  For one we will find Joy the other we may meet pain.  I know this all to well.  The ying and yang of this thing called scoliosis.  Although I am feeling the pain some of my friends are experiencing, I can't allow that to overshadow the Sun that has spread light on another friends precious child.  Little Miss Cadence, a.k.a. Tink, has finally reached the end of her casting journey and the beginning of emBracing a new path.  Cadence started casting very shortly after William.  The two are just a few short months apart on what has been a three year journey for her family.

Cadence is the third child in their family of 4 beautiful kids.  In our 3 year friendship we have watched her incredible parents welcome her baby brother to the fold.  Her amazing mommy climbed great mountains to get her sweet girl into a casting program that would work for their family.  They live in Florida and for 2 of the 3 years of her casting journey, her mom would load her on a plane and fly to Chicago Shriners Hospital for her care while super dad would stay home and care for the fabulous older siblings.  When super mom was nearing her due date with the newest addition, they transferred Tink's care to Greenville Shriners.  Still a plane trip away, it was at least somewhat closer to home.

I have such amazing admiration for those families who travel such a great distance for their child's care.  Casting is stressful enough without having to coordinate flights along with hotels to the mix.  Traveling with a toddler truly is not one of those "sign me up" type of moments.  We drive 6 hours for William's care and I can tell you each time its time to pack I procrastinate.  I would rather scoop the back yard for Hunter planted landmines than get in the car.  I couldn't imagine trying to fly with my toddler who would rather be anywhere but back at the hospital.  We have friends who have done this for years and truly earn their badge of courage.  As much as Angelica is Super Mom in my eyes, I believe Ryan wins the Super Dad prize for holding down the fort with 3 other kids one still an infant.
Cadence Now
Cadence faced Infantile Scoliosis and set it STRAIGHT!  Way to go Johnson Family!  You will all soon be Lucky Cast Club Graduates and part of the growing numbers of LCC families who are going to help us all through the Lucky Cast Club emBrace it journey.  Our hearts are soaring with this amazing growing group.  The 2011 Graduates include: Makenna, Adelyn, Jackson, & Sebas.  The 2012 Graduates: Massimo & Cadence!  Way to Grow our beautiful friends.

HOPE will always have a home in the Lucky Cast Club.  For every spine there is a friend and a different story.  Whatever path each of those little spines decides to go they will have a village of supporters.  We will always have room to celebrate the milestones.  It is what keeps the HOPE alive in each of us.  Love to all.  Suck that Scoliosis!

Until next time, Keep it Curvy~

Catie (Scoliosis Sucks)D.

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