The Winning play list

Many of you know the story of singing William to sleep each time we are in pre-op.  With him it's like a player before the big game, you have to have your warm up music to get you pumped for the game.  I usually try to encourage soothing songs that will lull my little lovey to sleep.  Last cast day however he insisted the Notre Dame fight song be the primary theme to the day.  For cast 11 we mixed things up a bit.  Such an eclectic soul this child of mine.  His play list was extensive as the pre-op countdown allowed time for many choices.  Some were our favorites and others his favorites.  I thought I would share the Winning play list today for a change of pace:


This next one is one of Will's favorites. Who knows? At three maybe he has been jilted by a diaper clad cutie.

This one he loves because the Bulldogs warm up to it. This was his warm up to surgery...

He rocks skinnies. Yes we know it's inappropriate. He was under the influence of Versed.

He actually clicked on the next one. He was indeed stoned on versed at the time. I chuckled and changed it:

As he was getting ready to go back...Good night sweet boy. A kiss in his palm in case he woke and I was gone.

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