The Firm...a.k.a Lucky Cast Club

The Firm...a.k.a Lucky Cast Club
Massi fought Infantile Scoliosis & set it STRAIGHT!

I want to start this post by saying MASSIMO fought Infantile Scoliosis and set it STRAIGHT!  I love this kind of news!  0 in cast, 0 out of cast.  It was a long process with ups and downs but he is Super Massi and reached the path to a new journey.  He and his super family will soon EmBrace a new journey and I can tell you cheers are being sent from all directions for his amazing news. 

It's funny as a parent with a child in active treatment others would expect a different reaction than joy.  Yes I have been asked several times if the green eyed monster of envy ever shows its ugly head with these amazing stories.  The answer is simply put by my husband, 'we would be assholes not to be happy for them.'  It's true.  I would never forgive myself if I couldn't find joy in the triumphs.  With this being said there is complete and natural longing for your turn or your child's chance but that is not at all the same as envy.  I have only been faced once with a parent that I wanted to slap for their snide "well my kid has been at this almost 2 years & deserves this."  Since that comment I have met families who have been through as few as 2 or as many as 12 casts before they hit the EmBrace it journey and humble are they in their good fortune.  It makes it super easy to rejoice in their good news. 

With good fortune comes "survivors guilt" if you will.  It is similiar to the "PTCD" some go through before and after a casting.  It is the feeling that you are somehow leaving people or places in the journey, the fear you will once again be alone in the journey.  It is the realization there are so many you have grown to love still in the fight and you are somehow leaving them.  I have had many friends go through this in the past years.  It is the reason for this post.  My friend Chrissy shared a blog on recently sharing how we have found Love in a hopeless place.  We have bonded one and all as families in a common fight.  It brought me to tears and lifted me up at the same time.  Just to make it clear one and all, we are the Lucky Cast Club.  Much like "The Firm" once you are in, you are in.  We have never kicked a member out of the firm.  Kids are encouraged in The Firm.  We do allow wives to work in the Firm & no you won't get a house or mercedes in the firm.  We won't hunt you down or try to kill you for leaving but you will never be dismissed. 

As we celebrate the success of another friend, we open our arms a little wider this week to welcome 3 more new families.  We add friends from D.C., Cincinnati Children's & Salt Lake City Shriners to the fold.  When I joined the Chicago Now bloggers the offered to sell me a pool pass, elevator pass & told me which member to write my "dues" check too.  Since you are new to the cast world you probably don't need a pool pass.  Membership dues come in the form of paying it forward & support.  Share a funny story or milestone, try to help lift up others as they face difficult days & remember we are all still here paying our dues as well.  You will never walk alone on this journey. The days you can't walk someone will be here to carry you.   Joy is always contagious!  Welcome to the Firm...I mean Lucky Cast Club!   


Until next time friends....Keep it Curvy~

Catie(Scoliosis Sucks)D.


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