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HOPE has a home for 2012

HOPE has a home for 2012
As I say goodbye to 2011 I hesitate to look back at all.  Yes we had joy in 2011.  Great heartwarming joy.  A week at the beach with our family and friends.  One simple week that has given me light for the remainder of the year.  Funny I can still close my eyes and feel... Read more »


I am blessed with amazing friends & family.  My beautiful Lucky Cast Club friends had planned a Christmasvention if I didn’t find the holiday spirit.  December 21st and still no tree was present in my home.  Two lonely presents had been purchased and no stockings were hung anywhere in my home with care or not. ... Read more »

I need a Date

It seems my life revolves around a date.  Not the cool get ready and shave your legs kind of date, but an actual calendar date.  I am talking one day every 12 weeks of scheduled surgery time at Chicago Shriner’s Hospital.  Now these people are all rockstars.  They have been members of our family for... Read more »

I am a Google MD

I am a self-professed google M.D. I went to the school of Motherhood, received a doctorate in Worry and an advanced Google M.D. when our youngest child was diagnosed with Infantile Scoliosis a few years ago. I, at one time, would have thought people like me both dangerous and crazy. After our ordeal in getting... Read more »

Holiday Giving

For years my family has pegged my husband as scrooge.  If asked what he wants for Christmas he says save your money and buy yourself something.  He is the same way at most any gift giving occasion.  He really isn’t a grinch, he simple values a dollar and values the dollars of others.  I enjoy... Read more »

Is the cast still Lucky?

By name alone, The Lucky Cast Club, may be deceiving.  It may elude to the conclusion that all stories have happy endings with families moving on to a brace and then eventually families are free of everything.  The miracle cure.  I have been around the block a couple times and have friends who know for... Read more »