Thanks and Giving: Too blessed to be stressed

Thanks and Giving: Too blessed to be stressed
Slumber Party Mom's style!

The saying I am too blessed to be stressed always seemed one of those foreign thought processes to me.  YES I am blessed.  I am blessed with a husband who loves me, children to fill my home with noise, a solid foundation to fall back on, a family who loves me.  Ahhh but there was always a BUT that seemed to counteract all those things I was blessed with.  My children face obstacles that I as a mother am supposed to be able to protect them from.  I often wonder where is the blessing in all they endure?  As I entered last weekend, Mom's weekend, I let life overwhelm me.  My older son was diagnosed with Tick's...a form of tourettes last Thursday, this on top of his social issues, my youngest having Infantile Scoliosis and having spent the majority of his short life in a full torso cast I found myself overwhelmed.  I had amazing women coming in 12 hours, 6 hours, 3 hours, 1 hour and I couldn't get my feet planted firmly enough to pull myself together.  Let's just say if I had any expectations for the weekend it was for it simply to come.  I checked into our cabin and simply waited.  Waited for those amazing women who had spent a full day in a car to arrive and soothe my weary heart.  Such a big order for women who like me deal everyday with life's unfairness.

6:30 arrived, my beautiful friends entered the cabin and all the worry went away.  It was replaced with laughter, joy, hope, healing and a mountain of empathy.  I have always worried about talking to much about what our children are going through.  No one wants to be labeled the lady who talks about their kids ailments all the time.  I tend to use humor to deflect those thoughts that constantly run through my head.  This weekend the rules of etiquette regarding talking about this part of our lives were thrown out the window.  Talk away and instead of having a friend say "he will be alright" and "look at the positive" I heard "I know, us too" , "I completely get it".  We didn't spend the entire weekend talking about our kids although the release of years of pent up anxiety and fear did remain in our agenda.  

We danced with our eyes wide open and didn't care who was watching.  I sang completely off key to crazy music.  I laughed until my cheeks hurt and then laughed some more.  We went christmas shopping at Super Walmart! Saw a movie in the middle of the afternoon that involved Vampires instead of disney characters.  We ate comfort food and drank beer, wine, diet pepsi until we were full.  We laughed some more.  We bonded heart and soul.  Friendships forged in crisis and nurtured in calm.  Forever knit together in life and what is to come. 

When Sunday morning approached I felt calm.  My heart was breaking that my girls were to be hours away but the bond held me together.  This was not a goodbye day rather a see you soon.  Circumstance would bring us to the hospital again in a few short months.  Friendship would bring forces together to form another Mom's weekend that would include the countless others who weren't able to join us.  We will move heaven and earth to get this entire group of families together.  It's no longer a wish, rather a necessity.  A huge thank you to our husbands & family who took the wheel to make sure these mom's could come.  You are the rest of the story still left untold.   

Today as I approach Thanksgiving, 4 days after my Chi-town sisters left, I am still to blessed to be stressed.  You are my shelter in the storm.  My sunshine in the rain.  I love you my girls!

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