Superstar Siblings

Superstar Siblings
My Superstar Sister and Iron Will.

It's funny how life throws you turns.  I have been caught up in the mid cast blahs.  We are at our midway point and I find little inspiration in this point in cast life.  I could try to force a post and maybe one or two close friends would read it.  I have been on edge with my family, especially my sister.   Tonight she sent me a little wake up in the form of a facebook post that set off a spark.  It was a simple message " Big sisters are the crab grass in the lawn of life." Charles M. Schulz  "A perfect sister I am not, but thankful for the one I've got. " 

Ah, my big sister.  I wonder if she sent it after I had a meltdown in the car on the way home where I was complaining about our lack of Sunday dinners or how I had to schedule a grocery trip to spend time with her.  Upon further reflection I am not mad at her for being busy, I am feeling bogged down with where we are and yearning for my lifelong best friend.  My keeper of secrets, constant cheerleader, my security blanket, my spiritual guide, my true north in this world...such a big resume for one big sister.  She always seems to know when to step in and when to run for cover. 

There are so many fabulous siblings on this casting journey.  I am not the only lucky one to have there best friends behind them as loyal cheerleaders.  We are a very fortunate group to have amazing siblings standing beside our casting angels.  Cody has been to nearly every cast trip we have taken with William.  We noticed the difference William had when his brother wasn't there and decided for all of us Cody would always come.  He is the light in his brothers eyes and vice versa.  He can be mad as heck and coming out of anesthesia, see his brother and come to life.  I know this is the same for our friends as well.  I can assure you so many silent hero's are out there waiting patiently for their siblings to return each cast day.  The Miller's, Bancsy's, Shepards, Giunta's, Eugenia's, Morrison's, Dobb's, Mattox's, McMow's, Marcano's, Marshall's, Rattray's, Bigler's & Johnson's can tell you the stories of these kids who are constant distraction and motivation for our little casters.  Siblings are the glue that holds our kids together.  They are the constant in a landscape of unpredictable.  I can tell you from our perspective, I will freak out and have a psycho roller coaster break right before each cast....Daddy will too.  His brother, a rock.  He will snuggle and rough house, in essence treat him like a normal kid.  He will take a bath even though he prefers a shower simply so his brother will get in.  He is amazing love for someone who truly is a total annoyance most of the time. 

Tonight I want to raise a glass or sippy cup to all the Super Hero Siblings who are silently backing our families. In your super supportive way you are the greatest cheerleaders we can have!  To my sister, the Sherman sisters, and all the other rockstar siblings, we appreciate you more then you will ever know.  Scoliosis you may have caught me up in your emotional roller coaster, but my sister pulled me off the blessed ride!  Suck it! 

Until next time, Keep-it curvy! 

Catie(Scoliosis Sucks) D.

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